The Four Best Tools for Shaping Metal

The Four Best Tools for Shaping Metal
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    There are lots of tools for the job when it comes to shaping metal.

    Some tools are better used under certain circumstances, but not every tool is best for every job.


Certain equipment is too large to get into the proper place, and some don’t have the power source necessary to make the cut. Here are some of the best tools for shaping metal and their most ideal application while in the shop.

Belt Grinder

Made of abrasive material, a belt grinder is used to either polish a piece of metal to the desired finish, or to remove excess metal from a piece.

The belt grinder is a versatile piece of equipment, and there are plenty of factors to consider when selecting a belt grinder for a particular job.

With its wide range of uses and the multiple different options available, the belt grinder is one of the best tools for shaping metal for its number of applications.

Press Brake

An automated machine pressing tool, the press brake is used for when sheets of metal need to be bent or folded into the proper shape.

The press brake can come with many different designs based on the job that needs to be done. The most common design is the V-die. Other common dies used in fabrication are curling dies, bending dies, and box-forming dies.

Cold Saw

A circular saw, or the cold saw, is used when you need clean and precise cuts. Its toothed blade gives it the property of transferring the heat generated by cutting and dispersing it to keep the metal, and the saw cool.

This heat generated from the cutting can damage blades of other designs and even potentially harm the metal being worked on. The saw blade can come in a variety of sizes in order to shape different kinds of materials, other than metals, that need to be cut.

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Angle Grinder

A handheld grinder and a common-place tool in any fabrication shop, the angle grinder is similar to a handheld belt grinder. Its small size, ability to change the power source, and its wide range of discs make it ideal for minute alterations to metal. Its size also gives it the advantage of getting hard-to-reach spots, making it a good substitute for when the belt grinder is unable to get the job done.

Whether handheld or large machinery, every job has its tool. Make sure to be prepared for every reasonable task before it happens and make sure some of these tools find themselves into your collection.

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