What Are Some Best Practices In Logistics And Warehousing?

What Are Some Best Practices In Logistics And Warehousing?
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    Logistics and Warehousing are important factors for all those corporations trying to win over each other in today’s highly competitive market.

    The coming of sophisticated manufacturing technologies, blending effective and intelligent products with innovative and state of the art technologies, have led to a huge evolution in the concept of Warehousing and logistics.


Read on to know further the best practices to follow up with in Warehousing and logistics.

Use of standardized containers

You have to use these for the proper storage of materials, which can make warehouse order fulfilment much simpler. With these containers, it can also be convenient for you to find materials and store them.

Your warehouse can look tidier and well-organized, which is easily one of the best things to do in logistics and Warehousing. When you use standardized bins, you can reduce the variety of the kind of equipment that you need for material handling. These can reduce the wastage of time in choosing the best equipment.

Use proper locations and labels

It is also a good idea to use bin locations so that pallets and bins are carefully placed over shelves in the allocated areas.

This can help reduce misplacing or loss of inventory and reduce the time lost in searching for materials. You also need to use labels that can clearly be read by everyone and with the help of equipment such as scanners, which can reduce the risks of errors even more.

Use cross-docking

It can help accelerate the pace of logistics and warehousing operations and reduce too much handling of inventories by delivering ordered items to the shipping dock, with no need to stop anywhere in the warehouse.

It can be useful in reducing material handling expenses as well as the time for the order cycle.

Make optimal use of vertical space

This is one of the best logistics and warehousing practices to follow. As every square foot in warehouse space costs a lot, you should make optimal use of the entire vertical space. You can even purchase extra equipment to be able to do this. In this way, you can reduce the costs of carrying inventories and operations and also boost the efficiency of loading and packing operations.

Use automation wherever needed

Make use of any technology that is most practical for your mix of inventories, such as:

  • NFC,
  • RFID tags or
  • Barcodes

This can ensure that you will have precise locations and counts on your hand at all times. It is not costly to use Barcode equipment, given that you may even turn your smartphone into such equipment.

Use a warehouse management solution

This can guarantee optimal efficiency in your logistics and warehousing management efforts. With a proper solution, you can consolidate all your orders.

This can help you reduce travel time while picking, giving a boost to output and throughput. This can integrate easily with the inventory management system or ERP. You have to make your inventory synced for all times. It can help boost the satisfaction of customers, reduce expenses and improve accuracy.

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Cycle counting

This is regarded by many as a tactic for inventory management to ensure proper balances on hand. This is a positive side of this best practice for logistics and Warehousing. However, this practice should be used for testing quality assurance.

Do not simply rectify the balance upon finding errors. Instead, find out the actual cause for the variation and change the existing management processes for your warehouse. This will prevent a recurrence of the problem. Over a period, you can have perfect accuracy with a proper cycle count program in place.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it is no doubt almost every warehouse manager feels the need to operate facilities with low overhead and top capacity. In such cases, the points mentioned above in this article can help the managers follow up with logistics and warehousing best practices.

Suppose these best practices are unnoticed or overlooked. In that case, there are high chances of putting one’s business at risk and having it left behind by other business competitors.

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