Ways To Save Space in Your Warehouse

Ways To Save Space in Your Warehouse
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    Managing a warehouse is no small task due to the upkeep that comes along with maintaining the building itself and handling the inventory properly.

    It is a daily task of improving efficiency while also lowering costs.


Creating a plan to thoroughly check how you are utilizing space in the warehouse will help you start to see how you can improve operations. Looking out for a few simple things could enable you to make some important changes that will help you maximize space.

Where Is Overstock Stored?

Simply put, a warehouse has a lot of stuff. Warehouse staff must meticulously manage inventory to maintain excellent customer service. The warehouse is bound to run into overstock at times.

You must plan for these overstock periods, so you aren’t frantically looking for a place to store the excess products.

One way to save space in your warehouse is to check your overstock areas to see if it may be more cost-effective and efficient to store overstock at an offsite location.

At times, utilizing another building just makes more sense for overstock that isn’t being used daily. This way, you can use the space that was once filled with overstock in a different manner that will better serve the warehouse.

Look up and Build Up

Using the vertical space in a warehouse is a must. The higher you can go, the less floor space you will lose. The type of inventory you manage and the safety considerations you have in place will determine how high storage can go.

As product goes higher, methods for fulfilling orders may have to change or improve. A forklift may no longer be the safest or most efficient method of managing inventory, and you may need to install a manlift to ensure safety and improve productivity.

Widen the Aisles

Aisles in a warehouse need to be the perfect distance apart in order to give employees a safe amount of space to work without wasting too much space.


Walking through the aisles and understanding how much space is actually necessary will help you decide whether you can make the aisles any narrower. If there is room to pull in or bring together a few aisles, it will free up room to create another aisle, which means you will create a lot more usable space for the warehouse.

Consider Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is becoming more commonplace and is a great time and money saver for many warehouses. With drop-shipping, some inventory will not be stored in the warehouse.

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These products are ordered as needed and shipped directly to the customer, eliminating the need to keep the product on hand. Drop-shipping isn’t always feasible, but it’s definitely worth considering if you are looking for ways to save space in your warehouse.

Using these ideas and brainstorming more solutions is a sure way to gain more usable space in your warehouse, saving you costs and improving efficiency in the process.

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