Build a Business That Makes You Proud

Build a Business That Makes You Proud
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    If you manage your own business or are considering starting one, you may wonder how you can build one that you can be proud of.

    It takes a lot of hard work to run a successful business and it begins with assembling a winning team.


The following are important tips on how to hire the best employees.

Establish Your Framework

Just as you do when building a home, you must lay a solid foundation for your business. Your foundation is your business plan, what defines your enterprise and what it is about as well as the goals that you have for it.

The framework for your business represents such specifics as your accounting procedures, marketing methods, hiring policies and employee training. You need to have these in place as you launch your business.

Hire Innovators

You may not have the funds to compete against the big businesses, but you do have something that they do not possess: an entrepreneurial spark. Where you may lack the ability to offer top compensation, your start-up environment provides a place for your employees to hatch new ideas.

Consider only like-minded people to support your business. They do not need to think alike, but they should embrace your entrepreneurial culture and share your vision. These type of people relish a challenge and are looking for a certain level of autonomy such as innovating to explore new products or markets. Foster an environment that distinguishes your business from the established market players.

Make Training a Priority

One area where you must never skimp is with employee training. Your employees are tasked with carrying out your company’s mission and they must have the tools to accomplish it.

By training your people to your standards you will enable them to meet your requirements. Each person should know his or her job responsibilities quite well. They should also be cross trained to handle other positions.

Keep Your Door Open

What kind of manager are you? Do you like to hole up inside of the office by yourself? Or, are you willing to get out front and center among your employees? Neither a laissez-faire nor a micromanaging approach can work. You need to trust your employees to do the jobs that you taught them with limited oversight.

You also need to be available. This means your daily work schedule must make allowance for interaction with your employees. Be prepared to reinforce team member guidelines and behaviors. Show yourself friendly without people forgetting that you are the boss.

Advocate Teambuilding

You ask a lot from your employees and your employees give you a lot in return. Even so, they need to learn how best to work with each other as well as with you.

Back in the 1990s it was common for businesses to engage in various teambuilding activities, what usually involved sports or some other action. The thinking with that approach was people would learn to trust each other and do so apart from the normal work environment. They would then carry what they learned back to the workplace.

While participating in various activities may still have a place, you may find that planning an event, a conference or a retreat can go further in helping your team to bond. Consider the best way to help your group focus on its mission and for strengthening positive practices.

Celebrate Milestones

Even in the heat of your business activity your team needs a place to cool off. You will win the support of your people by celebrating milestones with gusto.

For instance, after completing a big project you might take everyone out to lunch. Another option is to bring lunch in and decorate the cafeteria. Do this on company time as it will allow everyone to participate. Make it a fun time with music, good food and laughter. It can be a simple, but profound way to tell your team “job well done.”

A Better Business

You may not have a perfect business, but you will have a better business to show for it. A well trained team that works together and shares your vision for success is one that cannot be moved. Your business will be the more profitable to show for it and ready to take on whatever comes its way.

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