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Business Management

Time Management and the Savvy Business Owner

English poet Geoffrey Chaucer said, “time and tide wait for no man.” He made that statement during the 14th century, when business priorities were far different from what they are today.


5 Suggested Ways To Invest Your Money

As the financial crisis looms across the whole world, making the best investment decision is a hard choice to make due to uncertain market conditions.

Training & CE

Non Business Majors Can Seek Business Immersion

College students who major in the Liberal Arts or any other non-business field may find that they are missing something when it comes to finding their way in the world of business.

Customer Service

Difficult Customers and How to Deal With Them

Every business has them: customers who are difficult, causing much strain as you go about your work.

Sales Planning

Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Your business is wallowing where it should be thriving. You’ve tried the usual marketing initiatives, including newspaper advertising, radio spots and direct mail marketing.


About Small Business Administration Backed Loans

If you think that you can turn to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for a direct loan, then think again. Although the SBA does lend money, there are many restrictions in place that will rule out many businesses.

M&A Planning

Selling Out: How to Get the Most For Your Business

If you are looking to sell your business the best time to put it on the market may be right now. We are five years removed from the Great Recession and the financial markets are booming.

Inventory Management

Supply and Demand: Keep Your Logistics Plan from Draining Your Budget

When logistics are a major business function, a significant portion of the company budget will be allocated to supply chain functions and services.

Financial Management

Business Loan Risks You Must Overcome

As a small business operator you may need access to a line of credit, money that can see you through a cash flow problem.


Using a Home Equity Line of Credit for Business

You need access to cash to run and maintain your business. But for some small businesses in these economic times, banks have withdrawn or limited credit lines that businesses need to operate.

Entrepreneur Tips

5 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes one entrepreneur a success and the other a failure? Some may say luck, others may cite market conditions, while still others may point to experience.

Asset Management

Thinking of Selling Your Business? Understand That Cash Is King!

When is the best time for you to sell your business? Answer: whenever you feel like it. Seriously, you may want to do a few things first before putting your business on the market, namely ensuring that your cash flow is strong.

Disaster Planning

4 Ways To Help Your Business Beat A Disaster

Disasters happen. From tsunamis racing across the Indian Ocean to earthquakes leveling entire cities in Haiti, China, Italy, and elsewhere.

Business Brokerage

Richmond Business Broker: Buy Your Competition

What better way is there to beat your competitor than buying them? There are several advantages to buying out the competition, an acquisition move that can transform your business.

Small Business Tips

5 Helps for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, sometimes you need a little assistance along the way. You may be going it alone, but you do not have to tackle every problem by yourself.

Employee Safety

3 Employee Safety Tips Your Team Needs To Use

Warehouses are busy places. Forklifts, pallet jacks and order pickers compete for aisle space. Employees on foot must stay on constant alert.

Business Brokerage

Selling Your Business In a So-So Market

You’ve come to the end of the road or you’ve decided now is the time to sell your business. Important goals have been reached and you’re ready to tackle a new project or cash in and enjoy your retirement.

Business Planning

Build a Business That Makes You Proud

If you manage your own business or are considering starting one, you may wonder how you can build one that you can be proud of. It takes a lot of hard work to run a successful business and it begins with assembling a winning team.

Business Management

7 Challenges of the Entrepreneur

You are a budding entrepreneur, an individual who is simply not willing to settle for the status quo. Your vision for working for yourself is about to come to fruition as you have found the right business model with much potential for success.

Business News

London Property Targeted By Office Space Specialist

One of Singapore’s leading property companies is focusing on overseas expansion in a bid to combat its own country’s challenging property market.

Marketing Management

From Dreams to Reality: How to Turn Your Good Idea into a Real Product

Entrepreneurs and product designers alike have great ideas for the products they want to use as their ticket to a new business venture. However, once an idea for a great product is formulated, the process often stops there.

Financial Management

5 Areas Where Your Business is Probably Losing Money

Despite all efforts to avoid it, even the most profitable company is likely losing money. It can be a tough journey, making sure every aspect of production isn’t losing a penny but the fact is that’s not always the reality.


7 Tips for Effective Business Networking

The key for every small business? Networking, as meaning, “Developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact.”

Sales Management

Sales Management: Introduction

In the world of business, sales could mean everything in the overall survival of a company. Sales is the foundation of any business especially in tight economic times as businesses compete for limited dollars spent in economic consumption.

Storage & Shipping

What Businesses Need To Know About Shipping And Storing Products

If you are like many business owners, you have now taken advantage of the great commercial possibilities that the Internet offers. Selling products is a great way to build substantial revenue for your business.