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Learn to Control Your Emotions At Work

Learn to Control Your Emotions At Work
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    Anger, frustration, anxiety experiments. Did any of these emotions hit you at work?


Keep reading and learn how to keep them under control

In 1993, Anne Kreamer was vice president of the children’s channel Nickelodeon, and celebrated with his team partnered with Sony for $ 25 million. While celebrating success after 18 months of arduous negotiations, he received an unexpected call.

His assistant told him that the other end of the line waiting Sumner Redstone, the company’s chairman and majority owner of Viacom, Inc. Parent company of Nickelodeon.

Kreamer was flattered to think that the president was calling to congratulate her personally, but he was stunned when the expected recognition was actually a half minute cries and complaints. Redstone had in mind to acquire Paramount Communications and expected a significant increase Viatcom shares following the announcement of deal with Sony, the stock price did not go up as desired and retaliated Redstone blaming Kreamer anger of what happened.

Bewildered and angry, Kreamer burst into tears in front of his colleagues congratulated them and gave them the rest of the afternoon. Later he felt humiliated and guilty for not being able mastered after the incident.

Kreamer not lost his job; he worked for Nickelodeon 2 years and 7 months, but was still thinking about that episode of his professional life, which inspired her to write her book It’s always staff: Navigating Emotion in the New Workplace.

Feel anger, frustration, fear, anxiety and stress at work is absolutely normal, however, the work culture prevailing until now drives workers to suppress their emotions and explode anywhere else, except in the office.

What to do to avoid losing control?

You must acknowledge what you’re feeling, ignore your emotions allows you assume them and overcome them. The risk is becoming a pressure cooker and explodes at the wrong time.

Also, do not act on impulse, will backfire if you answer an assault with another, for example. When faced with a situation that impacts you negatively you should take some time to analyse what causes it, what makes you feel and what is the best way to deal with it.


The first step is to identify what is bothering you. If anger can trigger your anger, it is prudent to clear yourself or your surroundings. Take 5 minutes to leave the office, turns around or just sit a moment to organize your ideas.

Control means not repress anger, once you’ve calmed down, you have to act. First clarifies what has upset you? Is in your hands to control the situation? Can you get others to change the attitude that bothers you? If the answer is yes, act, but staying relaxed.


Unknown, unexpected or uncertain situations can cause us much anxiety. Generally involve circumstances beyond our control, why create stress and fear.

Anxiety is triggered when we think over and over again on a subject on which we have no chance of action. For example, if you are concerned that your company is doing poorly and maybe get fired, stop thinking about the difficult situation you will face if you lose your job.

Instead of fretting over something that does not happen and what you cannot influence, dedicate your energy into positive action: cut your expenses and your debts dung them, put up your resume, think of other ways to make money.


When we work hard and we get the expected result appears frustration that often blocks us and makes us think that every effort is useless and there is no other possible solutions. Instead of interpreting situations as ‘failures’, look at them as attempts, and take time to evaluate the strategy and learn from the mistake. Exercise your patience and try again.


You went to the interview and not call you again? Did you expect a promotion and gave it to another? It’s easy to feel disappointed when things do happen, but not much parking spot there. Often our failures seem more important than they are, analyse what did not work and decide what you will do differently next time.


Rejection hurts. It can lower our self-confidence and security, but also tests our endurance.
Stop thinking that others would dismiss or judge you, you better think of whom comes from rejection? ¿I can get some constructive criticism? Is it a chance to improve?


Wanting what others have is a negative feeling in the workplace, it can even be destructive. Limited to suffer from the ‘good luck’ from others without taking action to improve our own behaviour, it’s a useless feeling. A confident person has their abilities and desire to excel and grow not feel envy; you will see the positive in the other and use it to go after your own goals.

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