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Business Relocation

Moving Your Business to Another Region?

Know the importance of moving a business of any size or magnitude. Moving to another city, state or country is a significant challenge.

Sales Planning

The Fundamentals of a Three-Month Sales Plan

Your business needs a revenue boost in a bid to increase profitability. Whether you work alone or have a supporting staff of thousands of dedicated individuals, your business may benefit from a short-term or three-month sales plan of action.


How to Pay Your Employees What They Are Worth

You know how to run your business quite well, keeping on top of the cost of materials, utilities as well as what your competitors are charging. What may mystify you are salary pay scales, specifically, the amount of compensation and benefits any particular employee should receive.

Business Relocation

Moving Business Locations? Make the Move Easier With These Simple Tips

Sometimes the location we pick for our business is just not working out.

Business Travel

Traveling Entrepreneur: What to Pack and How to Be Successful on the Go

For the traveling entrepreneur, knowing what to pack, and how to be successful on the go reduces anxiety, promotes confidence, and allows business professionals to allocate energy towards achieving their business objectives rather than focusing too much on their image.

Raising Capital

Where to Find Investors For Your Business

Not all small business models are conducive to seeking investors. Typically, technology and medical innovators have the best opportunity for securing funding.

Small Business Tips

7 Essential Things Required to Set Up a Business

Each person believes or has an entrepreneurial mind of one day starting or owning a big business. The usual problem is people can’t tell how. Before one embarks into doing business, planning is the most important aspect.


Too Shy to Connect: How to Survive Networking Events

You are a talented individual, one that many business owners would love to have as part of their team. That talent, however, may not be recognized beyond your present circle for one big reason: you are introverted and networking is the hardest thing for you to do.

Employee Issues

Learn to Control Your Emotions At Work

Anger, frustration, anxiety experiments. Did any of these emotions hit you at work?

Small Business Tips

Unique Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Competition

The number one question on every business owner’s mind is "How do I stand out?" Amongst fierce competition and the ever-changing demands of consumers, the answer to this question is not so simple.

Business Brokerage

How to Vet Business Buyers

You’ve decided to sell your business and are entertaining offers. One potential buyer is standing out among the rest, therefore you are seriously considering striking a deal with her.

Other Business Topics

What Does The Future of Business Automation Hold?

The anatomy of a successful business in the future is one that can utilize different aspects of emerging automation technology and integrate them with human interaction.


Effectively Advertise Your Business Apart from the Internet

To attract new customers, you must advertise your business. The Internet is an important way to reach people as it helps you to do so in ways that can certainly benefit your business.

Business Security

Security! 7 Tips to Protecting Your Business

If you are like many business owners, then your business is one of the most important things in the world to you and you would do anything to protect it.

M&A Planning

How to Effectively Merge a Pair of Small Businesses

Your small business has shown much promise and is ready to expand. One way to widen your footprint is to merge your business with another company.

Disaster Planning

7 Reasons Commercial Companies Need Power Generators

A company that is prepared for anything will have generators on hand to protect their company, increase security and keep customers coming back no matter what the conditions.

Asset Management

Business Acquisition Funding Options

You’ve made the decision to acquire your competitor or have decided to take over the operation of a key supplier. Such a move can have a tremendous impact on your bottom-line if it is carefully arranged.

Building Management

5 Signs You Need New Pipes in Your Office

If you own an older office building, you may be aware that many of the structural components in the building will require replacement after a certain period of time.


4 Major Risks of Outsourcing Your Business

Outsourcing a business is becoming increasingly popular as more companies look for ways to lower operating costs while obtaining specialized services. Outsourcing routine functions like transcription, billing, record management, and shipping is commonplace and usually can be managed successfully.

Business Exit Planning

Business Exit Planning: Getting Out

Is it time for you to get out of business? Here, you have a number of options to include: selling your business, liquidating your assets, transferring ownership or even filing for bankruptcy.

Business News

How to Do Business in India

I had planned to title this article, “How to do Business in India,” when I realized how impractical that sounded. Lots of Americans aren’t about to jump on a plane and head east to Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Delhi in pursuit of business.