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How to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

How to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal
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    Good curb appeal can really aid in bringing in potential customers to a business.

    The store front is the first thing a person will see, thereby making or breaking a business.


So set some time aside and give your storefront some TLC. It will definitely be well worth it.

Easily Visible Signage

The name of the business should be very clear from the road. Fancy signs may look good up close but are not practical. Make sure the letters are bold and easy to read but also eye-catching. It’s a good idea to see how far away the sign can be read. It should be able to be seen from at least the opposite side of the road. It’s also valuable to have store hours that can be read from the road. Nothing is more frustrating than having to jump out of a car to read the hours.

Bold Window Displays

Having creative and bold window displays give a glance into what a business has to offer and persuades customers to come in. Experiment to see what works the best. If the number of customers isn’t increasing then most likely it’s not working. Display something that gives an exciting glimpse into what the store has to offer. Intriguing displays bring customers in because they want to know what else the business has to offer.

Keep it Clean

Don’t underestimate the importance of a neatly kept storefront. If people see a mess, weeds, ripped or broken signage or anything else that makes it look neglected then they will reflect that on the business itself. People will think the business runs the way it looks on the outside. A neat and clean storefront shows that the owner cares. It’s also one of the easier and least expensive ways to improve a business’s look quickly.

Show Available Parking

Customers need to know where to park without having to search around. Have a sign (or a few) and clear, designated parking. A chain link fence is a good way to separate a business’s parking and can add security to the business at a low cost. These fences are easy to repair, durable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain according to City Fence, a company that provides chain link fences.

Improving a business’s curb appeal is easy and extremely valuable in bringing in more customers. Make sure signage is clear and visible from far away, have unique and alluring window displays, tidy up, and show people where to leave their vehicles. So venture outside and find ways to improve the curb appeal.



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