Balanced and Safe: Top Office Design Trends for 2021

Balanced and Safe: Top Office Design Trends for 2021
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    The business world has seen a lot of change in the past year.

    From having their team work remotely full-time to the severe fluctuations in customers, many small companies are even still struggling to adjust.


However, things are finally starting to move in the right direction. With a vaccine currently available, professionals across the globe are hopeful that this will mean the possibility of going back to work as they did before.

Though the prospect of returning to the office environment won’t come without a few changes of its own. These are some office design trends for 2021 to keep in mind as you transition your team into this new way of doing things.

Layouts That Promote Safety

The first aspect to consider is an office layout that maximizes employee safety and makes it easier to keep up with hygiene standards. While we’re beginning to get the pandemic under control, large gatherings will still pose a risk for some time.

As such, it’s vital that you restructure your floor plan so that individuals can maintain the proper social distancing procedures and prevent the spread of infection. One effective method includes setting up a closed arrangement rather than the open variety we’ve been seeing in recent years. You can also choose to build outdoor working areas to provide better air circulation.

Resources for In-Person and Remote Workers

Many modern offices are discovering that they need to cater to multiple types of workers as well. Having had adjusted to the remote working environment already, some employees may not want to return to the office as soon as others.

In fact, this situation has shown us that working remote full-time can be possible. So, we’ve been seeing a rise in blended office resources such as updated video conferencing equipment and even accommodating furniture for your floor plan.

Transitioning into a blended office can be difficult, but doing so can set your team up for better performance—no matter where they choose to work.

A Colorful and Cheerful Aesthetic

Another important office design trend for 2021 is creating a colorful, unique, and positive aesthetic to keep your team inspired. Traditionally, office spaces are thought of as dull, gray, and lifeless.

Though this is meant to avoid distractions and maximize productivity, it can deprive individuals of the mental stimulation that keeps them sharp throughout the day. Because of this, it’s becoming more common to see color in these settings—whether it be a bright backsplash, artwork on the walls, or a few plants.

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Higher Priority on Personal Health

But it doesn’t end there. In addition to maximizing safety after the pandemic, current office design is also prioritizing individual health and well-being. Things like ergonomic seating and standing desks help keep workers comfortable and active during their workday.

This has been linked to a series of benefits including heightened focus, increased productivity, and a better overall attitude. Investing in your employees like this is well worth the longevity and quality of work you’ll receive in return.

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