14 Businesses You Can Start on the Side

14 Businesses You Can Start on the Side


You may be working full time and happy with your job or you may be stuck in a part-time rut and desiring something much more. Starting your own business on the side can be a great way to supplement your income and might possibly lead to a career change. There are a number of business opportunities out there including the following 14 that just may be worth your consideration.

1. Cleaning Services.

You are a tidy person and enjoy keeping everything in its place. That gift is something businesses want and what you can offer through an after hours cleaning service. Approach small businesses, bank branches and retail outlets with your cleaning business proposal. A bonus for you if you can hand carpet cleaning and manage wood floors or tile.

2. Computer Services.

Old computers need a lot of help to keep them going. Not everyone wants to pay for a new computer, preferring to keep what they have. If your skills sets in this area are strong, you can defragment hard drives, update software and even replace hardware as needed. You might also consider tutoring for software programs, email and apps.

3. Exercise Instructor.

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. Some people dread the thought of going to the gym as well — they simply are not confident in the way that they look. If you are already a workout maven, reach out to people that want training in the privacy of their home. A bonus to you if you have your CPR certification and also have previous experience working in a gym.

4. Flea Market Vendor.

You have successfully held yard and garage sales, making some decent money along the way. Why not take your skills up a notch by setting up a table at the local flea market? Hawk your wares on weekends and to a wider audience. You might also find items and flip them for a higher price.

5. Food Preparer.

If your family loves your cooking, chances are someone else would love it too. Consider targeting two-income families where both spouses have little time to cook, but still want to eat right. You could shop for the family, take over their kitchen to cook meals for one day, and freeze what they will need for the coming month. A bonus for you if you have wine pairing skills to match what you make with what the couple enjoys drinking.

6. Gardening and Landscape Services.

Busy homeowners have little time to tend the garden or to cut the lawn. You, however, love the great outdoors and look forward to leaving work each day to work in your own garden or yard. Take your talent for making gardens look great by doing the same for a friend or a neighbor. Soon, your reputation will become widely known and your services desired.

7. Music Teacher.

You are a gifted musician or at least you have a flair for music. Your expertise is something both adults and children might benefit from. Consider offering classes after work or on weekends to teach music. Welcome students into your own home or be prepared to travel.

8. Pet Care.

Americans love their pets! Pet care is a multi-billion dollar industry, one that you can cash in on if you love animals. There are a variety opportunities you might consider including dog walking, cat sitting, pet grooming and, yes, pet yard waste removal services.

9. Proofreading.

If you are an editor or an excellent writer with a talent for catching and fixing mistakes, a proofreading service may be right for you. Your skills will be in greater demand if you are knowledgeable in two or more languages. If so, then you can offer your translation skills as well.

10. Public Relations Specialist.

You may already be working in public relations or are very knowledgeable with the way that PR works. Consider reaching out to small businesses that may be desiring to raise their visibility. You might meet their social media needs or handle their press releases. Just make sure that your side gig does not conflict with your full-time job.

11. Tutoring.

You do not need a master’s degree to tutor although an advanced degree can help. What you should have is expertise in one area such as science, technology, mathematics or language arts. Tutor struggling students, offering your services to families that cannot afford the high-priced franchise tutoring companies.

12. Virtual Assistant.

Businesses that once employed a staff of receptionists and secretaries no longer do so. Yet, much of the grunt work still needs to be done and busy managers would prefer to give that work to someone else. As a virtual assistant, you can work from anywhere. Answer phones, respond to email, check social media and handle other routine tasks for your clients.

13. Wedding Planner.

Not everyone can afford the services of a professional wedding planner, so they must handle these tasks themselves. You, on the other hand, have organizational skills that can come in handy and know a thing or two about hiring DJs, shopping for a wedding cake, interviewing photographers and so forth. You need not do all the planning, but you could offer to assist the bride-to-be as needed.

14. Writing Services.

If you have a talent for writing and a certain expertise that you want to share, then offering your services to businesses can launch your writing career. Contact related businesses, offer your services and write articles for their website or blog. Build a reputation and you will have other customers coming your way.

Business Considerations

Each business idea can lead to ideas of your own. You need to familiarize yourself with local regulations and learn if you need to obtain licensing before launching your business. In many cases you can start your business informally, then register it later. That’s an ideal option for people that do not want to pay fees and extra taxes until their business is well established.

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