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8 Attractive Local Marketing Tips For Dentists

8 Attractive Local Marketing Tips For Dentists
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    Dentists are a mainstay local business.

    Dentistry practices use a variety of methods to attract new clients.

    One of the hottest forms of gaining new business is local marketing.


This practice involves getting your message in front of people who are geographically close and are in a position to use your service.

Coupons and Mailers Bring in New Clients

Mailing out discounts or special offers is a time-tested method that really works. People scour those offerings for deals. A free dental exam or a discount on a routine dental cleaning is a great way to attract someone new to your service.

Capture Emails to Ensure Repeat Visits

Make a habit of capturing emails from your clients. They can opt-in from your website or give you their address when they visit you. It will be easy to stay in touch this way.

Offer Bonuses for Referrals

Some of your current patients are well-connected. Give them an incentive to refer people from their social circles. Your practice can grow quickly if an influencer makes an effort to spread the word.

Target Clients on Social Networks

Social networks offer extremely targeted ad campaigns. Choose people in neighboring communities and display your message that leads to a well-crafted landing page with a special offer. You don’t pay for wasted traffic this way. Only those who are in a position to use your service will see the ads.

Give Better Service than Your Competitors

Your best marketing is always excellent service. People are more likely to want to use your service when they think you’re a top professional who does a great job. Always be professional and take great care of their teeth. They’ll be back and will be more likely to recommend you to others.

Don’t Forget Old School Tactics Like the Yellow Pages

The internet is a great source of new visitors. It’s foolish to ignore print, radio, and the Yellow Pages, though. Many people still use those channels to find new practices. Don’t neglect the traditional forms of doing things just to stay trendy. A balanced mix of online and offline marketing is what most successful companies do in all markets. The same will help you find new clients on a regular basis.

Establish a Plan with Followups

Stay in touch with your clients through email and mail. Remind them of upcoming appointments and mention added services that are beneficial for them. People are sometimes on tight budgets. If you plant a seed, they may raise the money to get an extra service done in a future visit. Followups can alert them about important events related to their dental health.

Use a Newsletter to Stay in Touch

A newsletter that’s sent through email as well as printed off is a great way to get your marketing message across. You can update your patients about the newest advances in dentistry. You are also able to remind them of how important certain procedures are in a friendly way. People may have a fear of going to the dentist. You can calm them down and keep them focused on the positive results.

Combining new age and old school tactics keeps a steady stream of people visiting your dental practice. Many people are looking to switch from current dentists due to an unhappy experience. If you hit them with the right message at the right time you can add them as a happy client for life. Local marketing gets people to come in for the first time and keeps them returning.

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