What to Look for When Hiring New Staff for Your Company

What to Look for When Hiring New Staff for Your Company
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    The employees you hire will have a large impact on your company.

    The right employees will drive the business towards success.

    The wrong ones will create conflict and harm the business.


It is important to screen potential hires carefully. You should know what to look for when hiring new staff for your company.

Professional Appearance and Attitude

The very first things to look for are a professional appearance and attitude. You want to see an applicant who is taking the hiring process seriously by dressing appropriately when showing up for an interview or to submit a resume. You also want to look for a respectful and professional attitude. A professional person is much less likely to harm your brand, offend clients or create problems with coworkers.

Good Communication Skills

You want to hire someone who has good communication skills. Look for an individual who is able to write a coherent and informative cover letter when submitting a resume. Listen closely to the answers given during the interview. A good candidate will be able to convey information accurately and explain complex concepts simply.


You must look at the education of all candidates when hiring new staff for your company. You want to find someone who has a relevant educational background with a degree. You might also want to find someone who has recent educational achievements such as taking continuing education courses like this online civil engineering master’s degree. A good education will ensure the applicant is qualified for the position and willing to do hard things.

Interest in the Industry

Try to choose candidates who have a genuine interest in the industry. You want someone who is passionate about the type of work your company does. This is going to help reduce turnover. An interested employee is also more likely to be productive, do more than expected and stay current with changes to the industry. Avoid hiring someone who really does not care about the industry or the position.

Consistent Work History

A final thing to look for is a consistent work history. You want to scrutinize the history of the individual. You do not want to see large gaps where the person was not working or going to school. You also do not want to see many jobs held for only a short amount of time. An inconsistent or scattered work history could mean the candidate will leave quickly or might have personal issues.

You need to be critical of every person who applies for a position with your company. Hiring the wrong person could lead to many problems that are difficult to resolve. Taking a little extra time to find the right applicant will ensure you have a strong workforce that will benefit your business.



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