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Using Customer Service to Grow Your Business

Using Customer Service to Grow Your Business
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    You have been using customer service for providing a superior customer experience.

    But now you can refine it in a way that it becomes an integral part of your business management strategy.


You can make use of customer service in a way that helps to enhance your business and increase sales.

You can look at the simple ways given below and choose the ones that suit your business the best.

Talk about the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that you provide

You are providing something that your competitor does not. You need to emphasize on that, along with the edge that you are providing. So you may be providing low prices, but just stating that is not enough. You may add on that you are providing this difference in writing through the quotation that you provide. Or else, you may mention that you are not charging any hidden costs.

While others may provide lower costs too, you need to state that you are producing superior goods and service at relatively lower costs.

Building a relationship

Customer service is more than just providing assistance to your customer when they need it. You need to do a lot of data compilation and analysis. The feedback forms and suggestions need to be compiled and action has to be taken on them.

Next, you need to inform the customer about the action taken on his complaints and suggestions. This is to inform the customer how you value their inputs.

Any data provided by the customer has to be incorporated into your system. Nothing sounds better to a customer that his/her own name when they call you up. You need to remember their birthdays, anniversaries and wish them accordingly. More importantly, you need to remember their particular likes and dislikes. This is an amazing way for you to build a relationship with them.

Business is not about making sales only. It is about ensuring repeat sales. Even if the customer does not come back, you can ensure that he promotes your business by becoming your business ambassador. This is where customer service plays a major part.

Do not sell

The aim of any business is to increase sales. But no customer likes to be sold.

Your sales people should focus on customer service and sales will follow. They should not sell, and never up-sell.

Rather, they should help their customers to make the right purchasing decision. Even if the customer does not buy, they would go away with a happy experience. This way they would come back when they need to buy again. In addition, you can be assured of good word of mouth publicity.

Just follow these simple tips and ask your sales people to focus more on customer service and less on making sales. Business management is all about building relationships and providing a superior customer experience.



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