Weather Wear: Best Office Looks That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Weather Wear: Best Office Looks That Will Keep You Warm This Winter
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    No matter how cold the weather gets, you are still expected to look professional in the office.

    The good news is, there are a lot of options that will keep you warm and cozy and will still look fantastic for work.


You won’t have to bundle up in a snowsuit either! If you know what parts of the department stores to hit, and what to invest in, the rest is easy.You won’t have to pack your snow boots for the parking lot, or be embarrassed about wearing a parka to the next company lunch.

Here are some of the best clothing items for staying warm and maintaining an office-appropriate style. The key is finding balance between function and fashion, and investing in the right pieces and accessories. If you aren’t sure where to start, look in your closet first to see what you might already have and go from there with this list to help guide you.

A Sweater

A nice sweater is always appropriate at the office. Wear an un-patterned sweater over a button-down shirt, or be bold and wear a turtleneck under a blazer. For a less formal look, you can wear a half zip sweater with a good pair of dress pants and an undershirt. A sweater will keep you nice and warm even on the coldest of days, and will always look appropriate. The key is to go for sweaters without bold patterns. However, there is room for expression with bright colors and luxurious textiles.

A Wool Suit

Wool suits are stunning, and they are some of the warmest clothing items available in office apparel. Wool suits come in a variety of colors and textures and can be tailored to fit you perfectly. These suits can be pricey, but are an investment in your style since a good suit is timeless. Find a suit that you feel great wearing, and that can be worn for several seasons without worry that it will fall out of fashion. Layering is key with these as well, since using thinner blouses can make them work for Spring and fall seasons as well.

An Understhirt

A good undershirt will give you an extra layer of warmth without changing your outward appearance at all. High-quality undershirts, like those found at, stay in place and have the option of remaining hidden under your clothes. Underfit have a large variety of cuts and styles to keep you warm while keeping you comfortable as well. Wearing an undershirt is one of the easiest, and most convenient ways to keep you warm. And because they are inexpensive, you can buy several cuts and styles to work well with any button-down shirt or sweater. Trustpilot reviews can help you find a brand and style that will work well for your fashion style.

Thick Socks

Keeping your feet warm while wearing office-appropriate attire can be a challenge. However, there are thicker dress socks available for winter wear if you know where to look. Sometimes those socks are not quite warm enough either though, so one great trick is to wear a pair of thinner no-show socks under your dress socks. The added layer of insulation makes a huge difference. The biggest plus for this trick is that no one else will ever notice.

Thermal Bottoms

Thermal bottoms are an excellent way to beat the cold without being obvious about it. They fit nicely under your pants and trap your body heat in next to you, so you stay a lot warmer with very little effort. Invest in a good pair of thermals that fit well to avoid sliding or bunching. Thermal bottoms are excellent for cold work environments because they do not restrict movement, and you are likely to forget that you are wearing them.

A Suit Vest

A suit vest is far more than just a fashion statement. A good suit vest adds a thick layer of insulation to your core. Keeping your core warm will help your whole body stay warm. Suit vests are also quite the fashion piece that will have you looking sharp, competent, and confident in the workplace. A vest is also appropriate to wear all day, no matter how formal or informal the meeting or office environment. This way, your office can get somewhat chilly, and you will stay warm through it all.

A Good Dress Coat

A nice pea coat or a good trench style dress coat are irreplaceable in the winter months. These outerwear clothing items are insulated and woven for optimal warmth, and the look can’t be beaten. These jackets are formal and ultra-professional, and make for an impressive look for any occasion. These eye-catching coats come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, colors, and textiles so you can find the perfect jacket to compliment any look. If you can’t get a long coat to your calves, try for a belt to give it some definition even if it only goes to your hips. Belts are great for tying everything together and can give some definition and completeness to a look.

Heavy Shoes

You don’t necessarily have to unpack your enormous snow boots to get to the office, but don’t wear your thin leather pumps either. Balancing warmth and style in the snow can be a bit of a challenge, but once you find it, you’ll never go back. The key is waterproofing. Find a nice leather or heavy-duty boot that will look good with your winter outfits. Even if it isn’t waterproofed, you can get a waterproofing spray to make sure that it is. If you can, check out waterproof styles of leather as well. Try to stay away from high heels as well. A low heel will serve you well, especially if it has good grip and traction. Finding fashionable elements shouldn’t be the first thing you look for here. If you can, try to go for plain black styles and simple silver buckles. Having something versatile is important in a winter shoe.


Scarves are an excellent outerwear statement and accessory. Choose a scarf that compliments the color and texture of your suit, but allow yourself a chance to flash a little personality. Think of your scarf as an outerwear tie. It must compliment the whole look but, there is nothing wrong with it having a bold color or an eye-catching pattern. Choose something interesting while still maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Driving Gloves

Keeping your hands warm will make your trips to and from the office much more tolerable. An insulated pair of driving gloves will compliment your overall look, while keeping your hands warm and dry. Go for leather gloves for a more formal, and quite stunning, appearance. Fingerless gloves are also appropriate in textiles so long as they complement your winter coat. Keep these at your desk or in a coat pocket so they are easily reachable at the end of the day when you are ready to drive home.


Hats are a great way to help you stay warm and dry. Choose one that is formal enough for your office without going over the top. Ivy caps, fedoras, and even certain beanies have a place in office attire. Choose a hat that goes well with your coat and complements your style. Avoid chunky beanies, or brightly colored hats. Go for a neutral color without obvious patterns. Your hat should blend in with your look. The best hat is the hat that does not draw attention to itself. If a hat is going to ruin your hairstyle that day, use your scarf as a simple head-wrap or forego one altogether.

You can be warm in even the coldest winter months without ever sacrificing your professional style. The key is finding great warm winter gear and clothing items that still compliment your look. Go for neutral outerwear pieces that pair well together, find sweaters, suits, and vests that keep you warm and make you feel great. Pair everything with no-show warm gear like undershirts and thermals, and find great hats, scarves, and gloves that show off your personality while still complimenting your office appropriate appearance. Always remember to wear your clothes with confidence. Confidence is the true key to style. So, bundle up and hold your head high and look forward to winter with your excellent taste in winter office apparel.



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