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Building Maintenance: Caring for Your Business

Building Maintenance: Caring for Your Business
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    Any business owner knows the importance of maintaining their buildings in order to avoid unnecessary delays or complete breakdowns.

    If a proper maintenance program is designed and sustained these problems will not occur.


Maintaining your business is important to sustaining reliable sales and keeping you employees happy.

Cleanliness and Order

A number of problems can be eliminated if each employee is trained to keep all areas clean. Piled up boxes, discarded items, general trash, and other pieces of refuse can lead to employee or customer accidents (tripping or sliding) as well as an overall poor appearance for customers to view.  Ensure that all work spaces are clean and orderly at the end of each day.

Regular Upkeep

Keeping equipment up to date is essential for a smooth operation. Everything in the office space, whether it be a computer, a computer server room, or even an air conditioner should be checked on a regular basis for needed repairs. Proper fire-fighting equipment should be maintained in a place that’s easily and readily accessible at all times. Make sure smoke detectors are always operational as well. It is important when something is not operating properly to fix it as quickly as possible.  Don’t be that business owner who leaves obvious repairs till inspection time.

Electrical Problems

One of the most common building problems involves the electrical system. Not having sufficient amps in your breaker box can continually blow a fuse if the problem is not corrected. Other things, such as frayed wires, wire breakage, fire or safety alarm breakdown and other electrical problems can also occur at random. This is often the way fires start. Smart building owners have a professional electrical maintenance person on call who does a seasonal check on all wiring and outlets and makes any repairs necessary.

Heating and Cooling

A good HVAC or boiler system is essential for a functioning building. This is what will control the overall temperature so it is comfortable for all occupants and/or workers. An HVAC system can develop a number of problems, such as a blocked line, worn out filter, dirty coil, condensating pipes, and many other specific issues. Professionals, like those at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, know that maintaining your air conditioning system doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Keeping your heating and cooling system operating correctly will assure a smooth running operation.

Develop a Check List

It is virtually impossible for a busy business owner to personally keep track of all parts of a building to make sure it will be safe and secure. Therefore, it is essential to train someone to check the building once a month. By developing a complete checklist, you will be able to spot small problems prior to them becoming a big one. This makes it easy to schedule the necessary repairs with a reliable maintenance person.
Having maintenance people on call will assure that any repair problems will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. This will assure that your building will be able to be used for many years into the future.



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