Solutions That Improve Your Customer Parking Experience

Solutions That Improve Your Customer Parking Experience
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    Though it may not seem all that significant given its exterior location, your business's parking lot has a considerable influence on the satisfaction of customers who visit.


This is why you should pay close attention to the design of your parking, just as you do for your building’s interior. To make patrons feel comfortable and welcome, you can apply any of these solutions that improve your customer parking experience.

Specialize Certain Parking Spaces

It’s simplest to make every parking space outside your business the same, with equivalently allotted space and accessibility for all. There are people who may have certain needs that you should think of, though, as you design the parking area.

A prominent example is a physical handicap. Some people may have difficulty traveling from a far corner of the parking lot or garage in order to enter your store.

You should reserve spaces near the entrance and elevators so that they don’t run into too much trouble.

You could also consider the varying sizes of vehicles that people use. If you know that a decent number of people who may visit your business ride motorcycles, you could create smaller spots for them so that space isn’t wasted.

Similarly, you may portion out compact car spots to fit more automobiles into your parking area.

Strengthen Parking Area Security

A key to making an environment that people enjoy and want to return to is creating a strong sense of safety. If the parking lot or garage is in a state of disrepair, isn’t well lit when it is dark outside, or has hidden areas where criminals could lurk, people will be more averse to your business as a whole.

Be sure to take care of disrepair as well as the aesthetic appearance of your parking area to set the right tone. You should also include practical safety measures, including security cameras, security personnel, effective lighting, and possibly gating so that customers know that they are well protected.

Consider an Automated Parking System

You may also consider this solution that improves your customer parking experience: installing an automated parking system for your business. This system takes in customers’ cars from an entry section and uses a mechanically moving platform to store them within its structure. When customers return, the device can then bring their cars back out when presented with identification, like a card.

other valuable tips:

There are different automated parking types that stow cars in various arrangements either above or below ground, so you can choose the one that is ideal for you. The advantage of such a system is that it keeps cars away from accidental and intentional damage.

It also ensures there is enough space for visitors because it allows you to have more parking spots in a smaller plot of land. Furthermore, your patrons will hold your business in higher regard thanks to the high-tech features you provide them as soon as they arrive.

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