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How to Rid Your Business of Unsightly Graffiti

How to Rid Your Business of Unsightly Graffiti


Business owners everywhere understand how graffiti negatively impacts their bottom line.
Although some budding Banksy’s would likely disagree, these often unsightly scrawls can quickly turn a once spotless and successful high street into a dystopian nightmare where even the hardiest cops and toughest gangs would fear to tread.

While some experts have dubbed this graffiti explosion the “Banksy Effect”, most proprietors still view these colourful doodles as vandalism rather than guerrilla art, with the majority keen to distance their business from this growing trend.
Indeed, it’s well documented that graffiti not only serves to drive customers away in droves and decrease the value of a property, there’s the associated costs and inconvenience of removing these tags from walls, doors and other areas.
So what can be done?

Call in the Experts

According to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, the person responsible for the surface is accountable for the cost of having graffiti removed, with a Graffiti Removal Notice issued ordering them to remove it within a certain timeframe or face prosecution.

This may sound altogether unfair, but unless you want your business to suffer and incur additional costs by spending a day in front of a judge, it’s vital to call in the graffiti removal experts to rid your property of graffiti.

Doing it yourself, of course, is an option, but the kind of non-abrasive materials used by the specialists will yield better results. Not only that, but an advanced graffiti prevention can be applied to your walls, ensuring any further episodes can be treated quickly and effectively.

Prevention Not Cure

They say that prevention is better than cure – and when it comes to graffiti this certainly rings true. With this in mind, it’s important to take a few steps to help stop these incessant taggers in their tracks.

Like what? Well, given that most graffiti artists will hide under the cover of darkness, try to set up a neighbourhood watch group and be on the lookout for individuals or groups acting shadily – you may just catch them, well, red handed.
In addition, you may want to investigate setting aside an area in the neighbourhood where aspiring Banksy’s can take out their frustration without setting a flame underneath the value of you and your contemporaries’ business.

What do you think?

Have you suffered at the hands of graffiti artists in your time? How did you deal with it? Clean yourself or call in the experts? Whatever your story, we want to hear from you. Please connect with us in the comments below!



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