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Your Offices Say A Lot About How You Run Your Business

Your Offices Say A Lot About How You Run Your Business
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    The truth is simple – your offices really say a lot about you, your company, and how you run your business.

    Therefore, the obvious solution is to do your best to make sure that they are in the best shape possible.


Next to cleanliness, there is also the factor of proper design. You want your clients, as well as your employees, to have the right idea about you and your business. If your office doesn’t convey the right message, it will throw people away, and have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.

Messy offices are an issue

What do you think a messy office says about you? When a person enters an office that has papers and folders all over the place, dirty mugs lying around, and literally every corner filled with clutter, they are bound to get a really bad impression about the person working there. While it may be true that some people prefer working in a messy environment, letting their creativity work its way through all the items scattered around, the truth is that it can hurt your career much more than you think. Such an office conveys an image of someone who doesn’t really care about the company’s image, and has a questionable work ethic. Generally, the mess is a result of not having enough focus, and ends up with being quite difficult to concentrate.

Too organized isn’t good either

There is the other side of the spectrum as well. If an office is devoid of décor and personal items, it will also look like it lacks the human factor. Furthermore, it makes it seem as if the person that works there has no imagination. If you are a minimalist, some people will consider you disciplined and hardworking, but others may find you uncommitted to your role in the company. Your office does need to look like there is a human being working there, and feel welcoming to anyone who walks in. If your office is cold and devoid of creativity, people will think that that is what you are like as well. Put some effort into decorating your office.

Your lobby makes a statement too

Before someone enters your office, they will come through and possible spend some time in your lobby. Therefore, it is important that it conveys the right message as well. Think about the design of your furniture. The same as with the offices, it is essential that you don’t leave the impression of the space being too cold, so make sure that you mix colors of the materials. Dark colors symbolize professionalism and seriousness, while light colors speak of creativity and energy. The lobby acts as the factor of the first impression. Proper logo placement is important as well, so that the message about your brand is conveyed the right way. Adding some entertainment value to the lobby is a good idea too. Photo booth hire Sydney professionals suggest implementing a photo booth as a fun way to kill some time while waiting.

Find the middle ground

Since you don’t want your offices neither to be a mess nor to look too cold, you should aim for the middle ground. This isn’t always an easy task. When it comes to furniture, your office shouldn’t have too many. Having a few quality furniture pieces is the way to go. A desk that has enough space, a chair that you can comfortably work in, and a cabinet that can carry all your files is all that you really need. Light furniture that doesn’t take up too much space speaks of creativity and responsibility. A well-organized office signifies that you are a well-balanced person, as well as a professional at what you do. You should have a few personal items on display, such as a photo of your family, which serves as an inspiration to you, and also tells other people that you are a warm, caring person.

Your offices should tell a story

You need to tell a story with your office design – one that reflects your company’s culture. Think about what makes everyone in your company proud to be a part of it, and implement that into your décor. Make sure that every aspect of your offices has a purpose. It comes down to the smallest of things such as the choice of office plants. You can be creative and fun with it, if that is the kind of personality that your company has.

In summation

Your offices represent you as a businessman, so you need to make the best out of them. They need to represent your company’s culture and personality. Finding a middle ground, between messy and too organized is the best way to go. Finally, your office design is what makes you stand out from your competition.



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