How to Keep the Common Cold from Passing Around the Office

How to Keep the Common Cold from Passing Around the Office
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    Many bosses don't realize just how big of an impact the common cold can have on their employees.

    Some experts believe that sick employees cost their companies over $260 billion a year, and that is why it is so important to keep your office clean and germ-free.


Here are a handful of simple tips and tricks business owners can use to prevent the common cold from being passed around the office.

Encourage Vaccinations

Employers can’t legally force their employees to get vaccinations, but there are a few steps that you can take to promote them. You should use a bulletin board or group email to inform your staff of any local organizations that offer cheap or affordable vaccinations. Business owners also need to be ready to give employees time off if they ask to go get those vaccinations.

Make It Clear That Sick Employees Can Stay Home

In many companies, there is a major stigma attached to sick leave, and that could be devastating during the flu season. It should be clear to all of your employees that they need to stay home as soon as they notice any of the early warning signs of the flu. As the owner of the business, you also need to lead by example. You and your management team must stay home whenever you notice sniffles, a fever, or an itchy throat.

Keep Sanitation Supplies in the Office

Your office should be filled with sanitation supplies, like those from Mailender, that are going to keep germs at bay. In addition to having high-quality soap in the restrooms, you might want to consider installing sanitation stations as well. These stations will allow your employees to quickly and effectively kill the germs on their hands before they interact with others or use public objects such as doorknobs.

Schedule Regular Janitorial Services

A good janitorial company could be invaluable to you and your employees when the flu is getting spread around. At the very least, you should have a cleaning company thoroughly sanitize the entire office once a week. Before hiring a janitorial company, you should first ask them about their practices and what supplies they use to combat germs.

Millions of employees get sick every year, and it is up to business owners to prevent those germs from spreading. With a little bit of diligence and the right attitude, you might be able to prevent a serious outbreak that ends up costing your company thousands.



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