Selling Yourself – What Are Your Customers Really Buying?

Selling Yourself – What Are Your Customers Really Buying?
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    You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating the perfect product or clock in thousands of hours trying to brute-force your way to the top of your industry.

    In the end, however, customers buy your brand for what they see in it.


Thus, it makes sense to focus a bulk of your effort and resources in selling yourself. Here are five tips to selling your brand more effectively and affordably.

Have Passion

Believe in your product or service and what it can provide to its intended consumers. Without belief in your product/service, others will not see the value in purchasing or investing in it. A customer can easily see how much you trust and believe in the product/service by how you engage with them. Your body language and what you say about the brand manifests its intrinsic current value and future direction. Every word you say and report you release will be carefully analyzed and interpreted by customers and investors.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be a company that you aren’t or aren’t yet. Avoid making promises to the public that you cannot honor and will only lead to unneeded pressure on your shoulder. Show your true character when speaking with investors and customers. Dress professionally but, at the same time, comfortably. Regardless of your culture, character, and chosen beliefs, there will always be people who will relate to you. These people are the ones you should be targeting for as long-term partners and patrons.

Be a Cohesive Team

People, particularly investors, are buying into your organization. A company can only go so far with a good product/service. Successful companies have incredible teams and departments working interdependently to move the business forward. To avoid future problems with your workforce, keep close track of the hiring process. Bring in people who can contribute with skill and experience and can uphold the mission and values of your brand. Moreover, submit your workforce to leadership team development programs to instill them with leadership skills and augment their bond as a team.  Developing your team will create stronger bonds between individuals and lead to a more cohesive working environment.

Use Your Sense of Humor

While some customers don’t mind getting a straightforward service, most people who end up buying from you more than once and referring you to their friends are lured in by your ability to make the process fun and engaging. Have a good sense of humor and try to gauge customers the moment they walk into the front doors. Gauging customers is essential as you do not want to offend your customers in the process of trying to say something funny or witty. Good sense of humor not only results in better customer service, but also makes the job position less stressful and exhausting.

Have a Plan

When talking with customers and investors, you should have a predetermined progression of topics that will be discussed. Nobody wants to talk to a business owner or CEO who is all over the place. Polish everything, from the product/service features you are offering to the future direction of the business from its respective industry’s context. Research well and gather as much key statistics and information as you can. While you won’t be discussing such data with customers on a daily basis, being prepared at all times is an earmark of successful managers and CEOs.
Ultimately, customers are buying what they perceive has value, either current or future. While the most obvious thing to do is concentrate on your product or service, customer acquisition and retention are predominantly dependent on the organization’s solvency and how it interacts with its customer and investor bases. Sell yourself the right way by being true to your company’s vision and mission while at the same time strengthening your organization from the inside.



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