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Sales Management: Introduction

Sales Management: Introduction
  • Opening Intro -

    In the world of business, sales could mean everything in the overall survival of a company. 

    Sales is the foundation of any business especially in tight economic times as businesses compete for limited dollars spent in economic consumption.


Sales are derived from promotional activities such as advertising, promotions, public relations and personal selling.  The "promotion" activity is a component of the 4-Ps of marketing: Product – Price – Place – and Promotion. The focus of this module is how personal selling can be better used in the overall market sales strategy for your company.

What is personal selling?  It involves the person-to-person communication with a buying prospect:

  1. personal selling means developing relationships:
    how: by finding and nurturing customers who are potential buyers of your product or service
  2. personal selling means discovering needs:
    how:  by understanding buying issues where you provide a solution
  3. personal selling means matching the appropriate products with those needs:
    how: by developing information, goods, service, ideas and issues
  4. personal selling means communicating your benefits through informing, reminding and persuading
    how: by becoming a problem solver or partner in adding value

This personal selling module will cover 4 key areas during the course of the next few months. These include:

  • Product or Service Development
    meeting the needs of your customers and knowing what you are selling and what added values you can offer

  • Customer Acquisition
    prospecting and finding your customers

  • Relationship Development
    building customer trust and relationship

  • Presentation
    making the presentation – adding value – closing the sale – providing customer service.

Our next topic:
product development and understanding.



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