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Growing Pains: 4 Ways To Ease Employee Transition Into Your New Office Space

Growing Pains: 4 Ways To Ease Employee Transition Into Your New Office Space
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    Moving into a new office space provides abundant opportunities for your organization to reboot efforts to maximize organizational impact.

    Moving day can also create anxiety if not handled properly by owners and managers.


Take a look at these four ways to ease your employee’s transition into the new office space.

Share the News in Advance

The first step in a successful office space transition is to inform your staff of the move well in advance. Open and early communication builds trust, an ingredient for which your team can never have enough. Besides building trust, sharing the big news in advance prevents you from having to keep secrets while also allowing you to include your staff in the decisions that need to be made regarding closing one office and opening another.

Involve Staff in Important Decisions

The primary principle in change management is to involve those who will be affected by the change in the process of implementing the change. You want to involve your team in the important decisions that need to be made regarding the new office space.

An example of involving your staff is asking them to help you design the new office space. Ask them what their needs are to be productive. Obtain their perspective on how the new office may best serve customers and constituents. Offices and backrooms need to be organized well to be efficient so consider professional storage solutions such as those provided by Quantum Storage Systems. Bins, shelves and carts make every office reach its maximum efficiency.

Involving employees in change discussions shows them that you value them. It also shows that you need them, their expertise and insight. It demonstrates your willingness to involve them in decisions that affect them, their productivity and their happiness. Job satisfaction always increases when a team member feels valued by leadership.

Hire Pros to Ease the Burden

Hire professionals, such as Quantum Storage, to assist in your new office design. Hiring pros for storage solutions, work space and furniture ensures that your decisions are well thought out, useful and attractive.

Before building your new space, talk to your employees about what they would like to see in their new office. Ask them if they have any suggestions that would solve current production problems you are facing. By including your employees in the decision making process, you will also show them that you really care about them.

Make a Party Out of Moving Day

Make a party out of moving day by involving the whole team. Let everyone dress down, cater food, give extra time off to compensate for heavy moving days, keep the atmosphere light by playing music and taking frequent breaks as may be appropriate for your line of business.

Moving day doesn’t have to be a terror for your team. Involve your team early, hire professionals and turn the move into a party in order to make your moving day a happy and successful experience.



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