Concerned About Safety At Work? 4 Tips To Discuss With Employees

Concerned About Safety At Work? 4 Tips To Discuss With Employees
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    In today's increasingly complex society, workplace safety should be taken more seriously than ever.

    Although no one likes to think that a security issue could affect us on the job, it's always better to be safe than sorry.


The following steps can help to keep employees secure.

Ensure Safe Parking

Outdoor parking, even in a covered parking garage, can be a refuge for criminals waiting to rob or assault employees, especially after dark. Ground-level lighting may enhance visibility when added to overhead lights or post illumination. Fenced or gated parking with electronic admittance provides even greater protection.

Monitor Work Areas

Companies that work with the public should be especially vigilant about visitors who enter and leave the building. Surveillance cameras are often a good idea to keep track of suspicious persons or activities. Alarm links to the fire department or police station will enable help to arrive swiftly if problems develop, like an unstable customer or an angry employee.

Connect With Coworkers

Employees should be urged to watch out for each other whether leaving the building after dark or working in isolated areas of the building or grounds. Surveillance cameras can help in these locations as well, although coworkers may want to use the buddy system to perform work where they may feel vulnerable. All employees should have access to communication devices, whether a personal or company cell phone or intercom system within the building, to alert others if trouble develops.

Reporting System

Anyone who notices unusual activity in or around the worksite should report it to company management. A safety policy that is clearly posted and explained to employees will enable everyone to know what to do if security is breached or someone becomes threatening. If a minor incident occurs, it should be documented for future reference if needed.

Secure Company Facilities

Although it may seem obvious to make a jobsite secure, there are many ways to do that. Locked entrances protect everyone onsite by having visitors buzz a monitor or employee for admittance. When the building is closed, window locks and door alarms with visible signage provide extra protection to discourage robberies and vandalism.  If you’re interested in installing extra security devices, consider using a security company like Johns Brothers Security.

Training and equipping employees for onsite safety is paramount to an organization’s success. It will give you and your employees added confidence in safety and will ensure you are more able to focus on the tasks you have to perform that day. Measures like these can prevent security breaches, but if they occur, everyone should know what to do.



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