Items Every Firefighter Should Carry with Them

Items Every Firefighter Should Carry with Them
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    Although firefighting can be a fun career, it's also a dangerous and trying career.

    That said, there are measures every firefighter can take to ensure they're ready for whatever the day throws their way.


Of course, you must be in good shape and remain healthy. You should also understand fire science—some firefighters go as far as receiving a degree.

All that said, firefighters don’t need to over complicate things. Part of remaining safe and prepared on the job involves looking at what you carry in your pockets on a daily basis.

Every firefighter’s pockets will look different, but we’re going to break down a few of the items every firefighter should carry with them. If you’d like to learn more, read our guide below.

Wood or rubber chocks

A staple item in every firefighter’s pockets is wood or rubber door chocks; both materials have their own unique benefits. Rubber chocks are great because they’re relatively flexible which allows them to fit a variety of applications––the downside is they aren’t very sturdy.

Wood chocks, on the other hand, are obviously much sturdier, but you may need a variety of sizes.

If you’re relatively new to firefighting, door chocks are primarily used to keep doors or windows from closing and potentially trapping crew members.

Additionally, chocks prevent doors or windows from closing on a hose and reducing water pressure. Finally, some firefighters use wood chocks to pry open doors.

All things considered, it’d be wise to carry at least a couple of chocks with you.

Examination gloves

Most firefighters are also EMTs or paramedics, and that’s why every firefighter needs disposable medical gloves. Of course, there’s an array of medical gloves––some made of different materials and some more durable than others.

Although your preference might be latex gloves, some people are allergic to latex. To prevent making matters worse when caring for a patient, you should also carry a fresh pair of nitrile gloves. In fact, when in doubt, you should reach for the nitrile gloves anyways.

Multi-function tool

Whether you need to clip a wire, unscrew an outlet cover, or complete another peculiar task, multi-function tools are a staple in turnout pockets. The catch with multi-function tools is you never realize how much you need one until you don’t have one.

While some firefighters would argue the following statement, we believe you should invest in quality. It’s better to invest in one item that lasts a lifetime as opposed to replacing an item every couple of months or so.

other valuable tips:

Heavy-duty carabiners and webbing

In addition to high-quality pocket tools, every firefighter should carry carabiners and webbing for a variety of applications. In some scenarios, fire crews may need materials at a building’s higher level from the ground.

You can use webbing or rope and carabiners to essentially hoist materials up the side of a building from a window. Additionally, some firefighters will use shorter webbing to assist them in lifting an individual out of a building.

To reiterate, every firefighter’s pockets look slightly different. A firefighter in a rural area will likely carry different items than a firefighter in a major city would. We merely discussed the items every firefighter should carry with them in almost any scenario.

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