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5 Methods Successful Businesses Use to Avoid Employee Injuries

5 Methods Successful Businesses Use to Avoid Employee Injuries
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    Being in any workplace is a potential danger, but the risks vary depending on the type of work that is being done.

    Although an office has its unique risks, it is minimal compared to those that can be obtained at a factory or warehouse where there could potentially be a lot of dangerous equipment present.


In every situation, though, business owners are mandated to protect their employees whether they are in the low-risk or high-risk situations.

If these owners and their companies fail to do so, then injuries that happen in their workplaces can attract compensation with the help of law firms, such as McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. If this happens to a business, it could start to build a reputation of being a place that doesn’t care about their employees, which could impact your sales and other aspects of your business. To avoid that from happening, here are five things that you can implement:

Clear Away Potential Hazards

A cluttered workplace is a sure disaster in the waiting. Anything that is currently not being used should be stored somewhere out of the way. To do this, you can use a cabinet, closet, or even a spare office area. You may even want to consider getting a storage unit if your office building isn’t big enough.

Ensure Sobriety during Work Hours

Alcohol and drugs can disorient even the most skilled and experienced worker, and such impairment could put at risk everyone who works near them. Using high powered rotating machinery under the influence could cause potential damage. As an employer, have measures to ensure that employees who are under the influence do not get on duty. You may want to even put into effect certain measures like having random breathalyzer tests.

Put Up Warning Signs

During the clean-up process, a wet floor can get very slippery. An employee who accidentally slips on this wet surface could get serious injuries if they were to fall. To keep all of your workers aware of such risks that are around them, make sure to have signs in place letting them know that there is water on the ground. Also, it would be a good idea to never let a wet spot go unmanned. Have someone guard the area to keep everyone away from it until someone comes and cleans up the wet spots.

Protective Gear

It is a wise rule to kit your staff with the proper safety clothing or equipment. A work environment with loud blasts of noise that could be above the allowable decibels could result in ear injuries, leaving you with extravagant claims. However, sound-cancelling earmuffs could prevent that from happening. There are tons of other types of equipment that could prevent other injuries too. Analyze the types of injuries that are most likely to happen in your place of work and then take action by equipping your employees properly.

Prohibit Entry to Sensitive Areas

As an employer, you could be handling materials that are highly hazardous and that not everyone should be able to handle.  Make sure that only the qualified staff are allowed access to such areas. You can do so by making sure that these areas are clearly marked, prohibiting those who are not qualified. For example, a place that emits radiation should get treated would be such a place that should probably have its own building with qualified employees having special key cards to let them in.

Injuries happen in the workplace every single day in this country. You definitely don’t want to make yours a place where it is common to get hurt on the job. By following the above advice, you will be able to prevent that from happening.



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