5 Tips on How to Improve Employee Safety

5 Tips on How to Improve Employee Safety
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    Every employer is responsible for their employee's safety.

    While this may seem obvious, not many employers endeavor to go beyond the basics.


With new threats such as cybercrime emerging, employers must step up their game. Improving safety in the workplace has a lot of potential benefits including:

  • preventing injuries and losses
  • improving employee’s morale
  • overall productivity

As an employer, you should take the following proactive measures to maintain a safe working environment.

1. Train your staff

Many employers fall into the trap of assuming that employees are smart enough to handle themselves.

No matter how much experience or skills an employee may possess, they should still undergo extensive training to ensure they’re familiar with all aspects of their job. Proper training is a must especially when there’s potential for injury.

Additionally, you should provide written safe work procedures and instructions to serve as a reference whenever an employee is unsure about something.

2. Maintain a safe working environment

How safe is the workplace ? Are there safety catches on the windows? Are there live wires just lying around?

You should assess the workplace regularly to ensure any potential hazard is gotten rid of.

You should also use appropriate labels and signs and provide workers with the right safety tools and equipment such as safety glasses, helmets, and steel-toed shoes.

3. Encourage openness

Employee safety extends beyond accidents and physical injuries. It also covers violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

While employees may not hesitate to point out potential hazards, some may be unwilling to report violence or harassment cases for fear of the repercussions.

You can encourage employees to come forward by assuring them of their safety and job security.

4. Reward safety

Although rewarding workers for their productivity is positive, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of safety.

Instead of focusing solely on productivity, reward employees who consistently provide great results while following the laid out safety rules.

Focusing on results may create the impression that you only care about profit and couldn’t care less about your employee’s safety.

5. Cyber-security

Technology has advanced in the workplace, and computers have almost become a necessity. Essential data and information have become vulnerable to cyber attacks, and employers have no choice but to train their employees on cyber-security.

Teach your employees to choose strong passwords and to log off before leaving their desks. You should also install anti-malware software on all computers and regularly update their software. If one of the employees quits or is fired, make sure they can no longer access sensitive documents or information by changing the passwords.

In conclusion

Accidents will always occur in the workplace every once in a while. However, it is the responsibility of the employer to reduce the possibility of such occurrences. By implementing the measures outlined above, you can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your employees.

Don’t be satisfied with just the bare minimum, go out of your way to ensure the workplace is as safe as possible, and you will be glad you did.

You can also contribute in increasing awareness on safety around the workplace by sharing this article with your friends on social media. Every life matters, and accidents and injuries should not occur as long as me and you can do something about it.

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