The Different Types of Bollards and Their Uses

The Different Types of Bollards and Their Uses
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    If you're looking for ways to improve your business, bollards make a great addition.

    Although they tend to remain hidden within our society, you can find them almost anywhere.


Whether you’re at a large shopping mall, a parking garage, or your local municipality building, it’s likely you will find bollards being used in some capacity. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they can provide your business with many advantages.

To learn more about the different types of bollards and their uses, continue reading below.

The Different Types of Bollards That Exist

Here is a list of the different types of bollards that exist, along with a brief description of each.

  • Removable Bollards

    Bollards can be used for extended periods of time. Over the years, they can become outdated, and their appearance may suffer.

    If your business currently has outdated bollards from the previous property owner, you can easily upgrade them using removable covers.

  • Permanent Bollards

    On the other hand, there are also permanent bollards. These tend to be made of concrete or a stainless-steel grade. Permanent bollards provide more permanent solutions.

    Airports, for example, are a prime example of the type of business that would benefit from this type of bollard. 

  • Multi-Use Bollards

    Lastly, there are multi-use bollards. These can have a regular appearance while providing added benefits such as illumination, security, and motion detection.

Common Bollard Uses

Below are a few examples of how bollards are used in our society, as well as the different ways you can implement them in your business.

  • Parking Garages and Lots

    If your business operates in a large shopping center or hospital, you’re aware of how heavy foot-traffic can be in parking zones.

    Bollards are put in place to keep everyone safe. Here, they are used to guide traffic and indicate proper parking locations. Bollards can provide a safe driving and walking experience to your business for both your employees and clients.

  • Loading Areas

    If you own and operate a warehouse, safety is your number one priority. Have you implemented the proper safety procedures in your warehouse’s different working areas? Bollards can strengthen your efforts in this regard.

    When it comes to the loading and unloading areas, you can use bollards to indicate the proper procedures for receiving items and sending them off. For example, you can use them to dictate the areas where large trucks should and shouldn’t approach.

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  • Decoration

    The last way bollards can be used is for decorative purposes. For example, when found in municipality buildings and museums, bollards are placed for branding purposes. This is because they naturally complement the curb appeal of any business and organization.

    To improve your business’s curb appeal, consider adding bollards throughout your property.

Now that you know the different types of bollards and their uses, you have a few ideas on how you can add them to your business. Whether you improve your curb appeal, enhance your safety efforts, or provide the proper traffic guidance, there are many different ways to implement bollards. 

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