What You Need To Know About Safe Asbestos Removal?

What You Need To Know About Safe Asbestos Removal?
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    According to research studies, asbestos is dangerous for the human life and it is one of the major causes of lung cancer.

    Most cities have banned asbestos uses; and if you have any asbestos roof and walls in your home or working place, then you might be required by law to remove the asbestos safely.


Asbestos is made of potentially harmful materials that cause health hazards. It contains huge amount of fibre and during the asbestos removal process these particles evaporate into thin air that can affect your lung instantly. So it is required to hire professional asbestos removal companies to dismantle asbestos roofs. They will inspect your property fully and identify the asbestos containing area. Then they will remove the asbestos surface safely and test the air pollution level base on regulation standards.

What to Expect in the Asbestos Removal Process

One of the most common types of asbestos removal is bonded asbestos removal. This comprise of asbestos that are bonded with cement to the sheets, which makes them less harmful than other forms of asbestos.
Here are some precautionary measures that should be taken during bonded asbestos removal:

  • Avoid use of power tools and compressed air.
  • Always get the material tested from NATA-accredited laboratory.
  • Ensure that the region where the asbestos removal is taking place is well ventilated.
  • Always keep asbestos wet to avoid harmful dust emission.
  • Avoid keeping the material strewn over garden area where they can be damaged or crushed.
  • Take care of the packing and disposal process post asbestos removal so that there is no health hazard caused to the neighbourhood. It is best to stack and wrap the sheets for disposal in plastic sheets. Do not dry sweep the dust, instead wet it slightly prior to removal.
  • While working on asbestos in ceiling areas, ensure that you do not walk over them as they may cause falling and accidents if you are not careful.

How Do Hire Professional Asbestos Removal Companies?

If you have decided to employ an asbestos removal service for your asbestos removal, there are a few factors that you need to observe while choosing the asbestos removal service provider. Ideally if you have more than 10 square metres to remove, it is best to deploy an experienced service agency. Powdered, can be crumbled and pulverised asbestos must be dismantled by professionals as they stand as a potential risk to the environment due to the harmful dust and particles that they are made of.

After removing the asbestos from your property, the professionals will keep all asbestos in their own truck and dismantle these asbestoses in a proper scientific way. During asbestos removal process, these companies generally close all doors and windows, and they cover up your property with plastic sheet.

  • Always recruit a reputed licensed asbestos removal service for the job.
  • The service agency must have experience in removal of multiple types of asbestos.
  • Encapsulation and decontamination services must be available with them.
  • The service professionals must be highly qualified and experienced and must be aware of all the safety and precautionary measures that need to be taken while on the job.

If you are considering self-removal of the sheets, ensure that you consider all the safety measures required to undertake the activity so that you do not cause harm to yourself, your neighbourhood and the environment.



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