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Clean Business: How to Keep Your Office or Warehouse Orderly

Clean Business: How to Keep Your Office or Warehouse Orderly
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    Offices and warehouses are typically large spaces.

    Even with all of that real estate, the workplace could quickly get messy and cluttered.


You can take these four action steps to keep your office or warehouse orderly, safe and healthy for employees and guests.

Implementing a Cleaning Schedule

Implementing a cleaning schedule for your office or warehouse helps to keep the dirt and mess from getting out of hand. Many businesses opt for an outside cleaning service to come in on a scheduled basis, such as once or twice per week. For large facilities, you might want the cleaners to come in every day. The cleaning service can take on essential tasks such as sanitizing the restrooms and break room, mopping or vacuuming the floors and emptying trash and recycling containers.

Scheduling Pest Control Services

The best way to get rid of pests is to prevent them from getting into your facility. Pest control services offer important preventive services such as setting traps and spraying for termites, ants and roaches. A pest control service, like Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, can also come in and seal up entry points for vermin. Pest control is critical to safety and health at your workplace.

Removing Clutter

Many businesses accumulate obsolete equipment and supplies, such as old printers and the toners or inks that go with them. Outdated phone sets, old furniture and other items can also pile up. Set aside a clutter removal time once per quarter. If everyone pitches in for just a few hours, the place will be neat and orderly in a minimum amount of time. Consider donating items that are still usable, and your business could get a tax deduction.

Setting Up an Inventory System

Consider using an inventory system for your office or warehouse. For example, an inventory system helps you to keep track of the supplies that you have on the premises. This could help to reduce messes from excess piles of supplies. You could also save money by not buying too much of an item with an expiration date, such as adhesives and toners.

These four steps facilitate the process of cleaning your workplace. Once you have things under control, maintaining orderliness will be much easier and will take less time. The maintenance phase is less labor-intensive, especially if you get all of your managers and employees on-board with the process. Employ the services of professional cleaners and pest control services to help keep your workplace safe, tidy and healthy.



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