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Creating Loyalty: 5 Ways to Keep Quality Clients

Creating Loyalty: 5 Ways to Keep Quality Clients
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    Every business should be profoundly concerned about client loyalty because it directly affects growth and profitability.

    Each time a client makes a purchase with you, it is an opportunity to market your company more broadly, with repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.


You can make every transaction a chance to connect with your customers and expand your customer base by taking proactive steps to promote client loyalty. Here are a few basic tips you should have in your customer loyalty strategy.

1. Maintain Personal Contact with Valued Clients

Making personal contact with your clients can ensure the success of your business and your ability to add new customers in the future. People are social animals, and being able to talk on a one-to-one basis is an important part of their business interactions. When you get to know your clients, you also get to know their changing needs and can better fulfill their desires for products and services. Of course, not every client will appreciate intensive contact. Some may even consider it intrusive or manipulative. Your staff’s job is to be sensitive to customers’ reactions and adjust their interactions accordingly. This ability to “read” them appropriately will give your business the edge in customer relationships.

2. Find Out What You Can Do Better

Talking to your clients on a one-to-one basis can also provide information on how your business should grow in the future. You will learn about what improvements should be made and how to compete more effectively in the overall marketplace. Listening carefully to your clients’ needs will help you become known as a responsive business that can be relied upon for good service, year after year.

3. Allow Clients to Review Their Experience

Set up a system that your clients can use to review their purchasing experience. This measure not only provides valuable information about their wants and needs; it also allow clients to feel they have a stake in how the business performs. This sense of “ownership” in the purchasing experience can create a profound connection between the business and the client. However, you should avoid leaving yourself open to negative reviews planted by competitors. Enlist the help of services such as OpenTell, which verifies customers before reviews can be published.

4. Train Employees to Provide Great Customer Care

The time you take to train your employees thoroughly can pay off with big rewards in terms of customer loyalty. Employees that do not have sufficient information about the product or service are unable to provide the care your clients need on a regular basis. In addition, untrained employees know they lack the right skills and can become unmotivated, leading to high turnover that cuts into profitability. Make sure your employees have all the information to serve your clients well, and they will naturally become a part of your marketing effort to gain more customers.

5. Be Loyal To Your Customers

Offer special sales and incentives that make your customers feel appreciated. Don’t be afraid to add value to your sales with additional items or generous customer service policies. What these cost in profit are more than made up for in repeat business and client loyalty. Offer buy-one, get-one opportunities, gift cards, points for free items and other incentives to keep your customers interested and engaged in your products and services.

Clients will return to your business if they know they are valued and can depend on the quality of service each time they have contact. You can take proactive steps to cultivate loyalty by being a loyal partner yourself. With just a few careful actions, you can ensure that your business is a place customers know they are welcomed and appreciated, a goal that should always be an integral part of your business planning.



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