Getting Smart About Security: How to Make Sure Your Business is Always Protected

Getting Smart About Security: How to Make Sure Your Business is Always Protected
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    More businesses are storing sensitive information in digital environments than ever before, adding to the long list of potential security risks faced by modern organizations.


Companies not only need to worry about break-ins and malicious acts at their physical locations, they need to protect themselves from attacks against their network as well. This means that leaders and managers need to take a proactive and imaginative approach to security if they want to keep their business protected around the clock.

Updated Software and Passwords Regularly

Automatic updates can be annoying for employees, tempting them to temporarily or permanently disable the popups prompting them to restart their computer. This can have serious consequences though, because plug-ins, browsers and operating systems are frequently updated to address emerging security issues. Businesses should make sure all employees understand the importance of keeping software updated and minimize inconvenience by configuring systems to update at a set time each day.

While you don’t have to change user passwords quite as often as you need to update software, you should still do it at least every few months. User login information can be compromised in a number of ways, so all network credentials should be changed regularly to mitigate the risk. Administrator accounts should also be given limited access to specific functions so that if one account is compromised it won’t jeopardize the security of the entire system.

Employee Identification

Whether you are a small or large business, you should know who is coming in and out of your company at all times. Your employees should have some form of company ID on them at all times. They should also have keycards that allow them to get in and out of certain areas of the building. You can even program them in such a way to where lower level employees can’t access certain rooms in the building if you feel the need. This will also help you distinguish between employees and visitors as well.

Advanced Authentication and Network Security

Customers trust businesses to handle their information carefully and securely. Betraying that trust can have serious repercussions, including damage to your reputation with consumers and possible loss of a large number of existing clients. There will always be risks associated with conducting business online, but there are also plenty of ways to bulk up security measures to counter cyber criminals.

Adopting an advanced user authentication system, like those provided by LISNR, INC., allows businesses to safely integrate mobile technology into their core operations and customer experience. These systems use ultrasonic audio technology to transmit data in a unique and secure way. They allow administrators to conveniently manage accessibility across the entire network and are particularly useful for security applications of IoT in the workplace, including keyless building entry and access to company vehicles.

If you think your company is too small to worry about digital security, then think again. Survey data from 2015 shows that 43 percent of cyber-attacks targeted small businesses during that year, compared to only 34 percent the year before. This information should spur small business owners to start bulking up their security now to avoid the many complications and hazards associated with digital attacks.



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