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How to Choose the Right Company for your Custom Steel Welding Project

How to Choose the Right Company for your Custom Steel Welding Project
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    When you've got a big project on your hands, it can hard to work out which company to count on for your custom steel welding.


Each company boasts many of the same claims, making it difficult to narrow down who you can trust to handle the job. We’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when deciding on the best company for your custom steel welding job.


Understanding the length and depth of a company’s experience is key to knowing whether they have the skills to handle your custom steel welding job. Star off by looking at how long the company has been in business, as you can assume that companies who have lasted decades have succeeded for a reason.

Because you’ve got a custom job on your hands, also try to see what types of projects a company has done in the past. Some companies may specialise in a particular type of project, perhaps not understanding the scope of your project. Pole-related welding, for example, is one area of welding that not all companies are adept at, so if your project involves pole-related welding such as banner poles, camera poles or circular pipe poles, always choose a specialist.

Additionally, don’t confuse metal fabricators with welders: it’s true that some fabricators will be able to weld as well, but again, you’re better off choosing a company that truly excel at welding.


A company’s reputation gives a great insight into the quality of service that previous customers have received. Look beyond the testimonials that the company may have on their website: instead, try Google or industry specific review or search sites. Although reviews don’t always provide the complete story, the general gist of the reviews will give you an idea of the company.
Word of mouth is another way you can gauge a company’s reputation. Speak to those you know in the industry about similar custom welding jobs that they might have had done, and what their experience was like.
The more you can find out about a company’s reputation in the community and industry, the more faith you can have in them to meet your requirements.


Try to see whether the company you’ve chosen has a wide range of technology and equipment available at their disposal. Welding companies that have invested in themselves will have all the tools at their disposal to provide efficient and high-quality welding services. This means your project will completed to an excellent standard and on time.

Convenient Location

When you are working on a large project, it helps to seek out services that are in your area. However, don’t always go for the welder that is the closest to you: you might be better off opting for a quality company that can deliver the project to you if the welders in your immediate area are not to your liking.


Large projects mean you have to be strategic with your budget, and get the best value for money possible for your steel welding. Get multiple quotes from different welders, but be wary of anyone who provides an unusually cheap quote. Remember the classic adage: you get what you pay for. Ensure all elements of your project are represented in the quote and that no additional costs will arise later.

Finishing Touches

Don’t overlook the fact that your welding project may also require blasting, painting and finishing. Try to find a welding company that is able to do all of these things, so that you do not have to spend time, money and effort having different parts of your project handled by different companies.

Quality Assurance

Although you have already investigated the company’s reputation, you should also reassure yourself of the quality of their work by seeing what certifications or qualifications they hold. This will indicate that the welding company knows how to meet high standards and consistently deliver quality work.

Having a look at all the above criteria can help you choose the right steel welding company for your needs. Choosing a team that is not up for the challenge could cost you money, result in an inferior product and set you back in your project timeline, meaning it’s critical to make the best possible choice right from the get-go.



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