Best Hacks To Keep You Focused During Working Hours

Best Hacks To Keep You Focused During Working Hours
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    It is pretty clear by now that you can't be fully focused during the whole 8-hour shift.


Because of that, you will need to implement a bunch of different strategies that will keep you sharp through the working day. There are a lot of distractions at your working place, and there are a lot of things you’d be rather doing than to sit there glued to the chair. The tips below should be very helpful when it comes to these challenges.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

Working shouldn’t be hard, it should be smart. Your brain can’t stay fully operational if you don’t treat it with a quick break from time to time. Yes, this might sound strange in a corporate environment, but if you’re aiming for better results at work, you should be resting for 5-10 minutes every hour. That way, you’ll remain focused and won’t be washed up at the end of the shift.

Eat food rich in vitamin C

One of the best ways to stimulate your brain and improve alertness at the office is to eat plenty of citruses. Introduce lemons in oranges in your daily menu and you’ll see how your focus gets better and better. Vitamin C contained in these fruits will also boost your immune system, lower the heart rate, and keep your skin healthy and elastic. The list of benefits goes on, so don’t hesitate and make yourself freshly squeezed orange juice or lemonade every morning.

Engage in light exercise

Most of the jobs these days are tightly connected with using of technology, and sitting a lot is part of the same equation. That routine is very unhealthy, and you should use your breaks to stand up and engage yourself in some kind of physical activity. Do some light exercises and stimulate your blood flow. By doing this, your brain will get much-needed oxygen and you will be able to concentrate and continue with your work.

Distract yourself sometimes

Working hard is good, but you don’t need to meet the extreme. Every once in awhile, go ahead and spend 10 minutes on your favorite social media platform and look at relaxing content. In fact, there are some findings that suggest boost in concentration after watching a few cute videos. The internet is packed with adorable pets, so feel free to see what are they up to and increase your focus in a pleasant and fun way.

Try the 20-20-20 method

Your job is probably tied to a computer and you spend most of your time looking at some kind of screen. Staring at a monitor can cause eye strain and the best way to rest your eyes is to engage in 20-20-20 technique. Stop with what you’re doing every 20 minutes and look at the object which is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This simple trick will help you relax your eye muscles so you can remain fresh and productive.

Redecorate your office

Regardless of the size of your office, there are plenty of ways to make it better and more stimulative. Go ahead and clean up your desk and organize your documents. Move your desk closer to the window so you can watch outside when you need time to think and relax. If you have your own office, then you can even do some more changes, like add some cushions as a decoration or some other decorative items to make the space more personal and relaxing.

Also, you can visit the Eiffel curtain shop in Perth, for instance, and choose some great shades for your windows which will stop the light from interfering with your work, but still allow for it to create a serene and comfortable working environment. It can even come in handy if you have glass walls and doors and want to hide from your colleagues’ prying eyes, too.


Keep in mind that your office space has to be clean and tidy. What you see is what you feel. If the outside is sharp and tidy, there is a better chance your mind will be in the same state. As mentioned before, you don’t need to work hard, but to work smart. If you stick with healthy hacks listed above, your stay at the office will become the best part of your day, Well, maybe not the best, but you will feel much better and remain focused and motivated.



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