5 Risk Factors for Employees in Big Organizations and What to Do

5 Risk Factors for Employees in Big Organizations and What to Do
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    In an organization's daily operations, employees face different risk factors, both physical and emotional.

    These risks often affect the employee's concentration, thereby negatively affecting their output and long term productivity in the organization.


\Below are 5 factors affecting employees welfare, and how to mitigate them:

1. Straining of the eyes

Employees who work on computers for a long time are exposed to eye fatigue, which leads to eyesight complications. Organizations should ensure computer monitors have anti-glare screens installed, or acquire anti-glare spectacles for employees to ensure minimal eye strain.

2. Back strain

Another physical risk for employees whose work revolves around a desk. Lower back pain is the most common of the back pains due to long siting hours, as the muscles of the lower back become weak due to the continued inactivity.

Employers should ensure comfortable recliner seats for their offices. They should also introduce short ‘time-outs’ in the office where an employee gets the chance to stretch and relax the backbone muscles a number of times in a day.

3. Psychological stress

Growing organizations have a huge work load, and due to their insufficient income, most managers opt to under staff. This results in long working hours and minimal personal time for their families. These are major contributors to stress for most white collar workers.

To mitigate this, employers should adequately staff their organization. This will reduce the chances of overworking their employees.

Overtime hours should be reasonable. This is to ensure employees have enough time to spend with their families.

4. Discrimination

Discrimination takes many forms. Negative treatment due to difference in skin color, ethnicity, religious believes, health conditions, religious beliefs, employment rank and many more.

Discrimination has a negative effect on employee motivation. It can also lead to widespread discord in the organization. To mitigate this, employers should lay down rules and regulations. These should include actions to take in case an employee is found guilty of discrimination. Such as laying off or seeking legal justice.

5. Harassment

One of the largest contributor in hostile working conditions is harassment. It can take up different forms such as sexual or physical harassment.

Therefore, modern day organizations have CCTV surveillance installations that monitor all activities taking place in the organization. This ensures any form of harassment will be captured, and appropriate disciplinary action taken. The management can also organize workshops for employees to create awareness of the negative effects of harassment.

other valuable tips:

Productivity in an organization and employee health and welfare have a direct relationship. Employees working in favorable conditions are happy and show more dedication to their work. This is a reason why management should put in strategies to ensure better working conditions.

The above pointers are beneficial to both employers and employees. From them you learn how to co-relate at the workplace. This will ensure the easy operation of your co-workers. Hit the share button and let your friends on social media such as Facebook learn how to improve their working conditions.

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