How To Choose Optimal Awning For Your Commercial Business

How To Choose Optimal Awning For Your Commercial Business
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    Awnings are a great addition to not only residential houses but also for businesses and commercial outlets.

    Many businesses have adopted these canopies over either the doors or windows of their building or on the pathway according to their requirements.


Such a canopy not only provides an impressive professional appeal but also provides the functional purpose of providing protection to this extended space against rain or harsh sunlight. This in turn also helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building by letting the reduced glare from entering in. Although there are numerous benefits of installing such an awning, one should be aware of the types of awnings available before making the choice.

Types of Commercial Awnings:

Commercial Awnings are broadly available in three basic types according to their functionality. These include the following:

  • Stationary Awning– This is a fixed awning that is attached permanently to a wall and cannot be moved.
  • Retractable Awning– This is one of the most popular awning types that is temporary and can be opened and retraced to any length as required. Ideal for shop fronts, they come either with a manual hand crank or with motorized controls for retraction.
  • Freestanding– This type of awning comprises of two awnings mounted on a single central bar in the centre. This versatile canopy can be fixed anywhere on the ground, making it perfect for creating a shaded area for outdoor seating.

Things to Consider While Selecting an Awning:

After getting to know about the variants of awnings available, there are certain facets to keep in mind while selecting the most optimal option. The features, which will help you invest in the most suitable awning for your business, includes the following:

  • Location

    The location of your business is a vital part of determining the type of awning to get. The Commercial Awnings for a business situated in a corner would be different for a storefront in the middle of a mall. In addition, while a large awning would attract people driving on the highway, a small one would be able to attract people walking by or sitting around the corner.

  • Purpose

    Deciding on the purpose to be performed by the awning is one of the primary factors to consider. If you want to provide a shaded area for customer in the outdoor area, then a fabric awning would be suitable. On the other hand, if you want to enhance the building’s visual appeal, then metal awning would be fine to fulfill the purpose.

  • Size

    The scale of your storefront would determine the size of the awning. Thus, a small awning with detailing would be optimal for a small store while the quantity and length of awnings increases in a large building or outlet.

  • Material and Color

    The common types of awnings according to their material include aluminum and fabric. While aluminum is low maintenance, fabric is more versatile. Moreover, while a light color canopy would better reflect sunrays and provide a comfortable environment, dark colors can be chosen by a business looking for only aesthetic appeal and visual attraction.   

While these factors would help you choose an optimal canopy for your business, one should ensure to buy it from a reputable brand or supplier to ensure the good quality of the product. Moreover, the professionals of such a company would be able to guide you through the process of selecting a suitable awning that best suits your business and its requirements. To find a trustable supplier, you may either take references from your friends and colleagues or search online on various forums dedicated to these queries.



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