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All You Need to Know About Cable Handling Equipment and Installation Tools

All You Need to Know About Cable Handling Equipment and Installation Tools
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    Cables and wires are prone to damages due to improper storage and unprofessional installation, and such damages can degrade the cable performance and hinder their productivity.

    Therefore, one should follow proper guidelines while installing cables or wires.


Cable handling equipment and installation tools are generally required by businesses for installing new cables, pipes, or wires in residential or industrial areas. Several industries, including construction industry, marine engineering, civil engineering, utility industry, oil/gas refining industries utilize cable handling/installation tools.

Cable drums should always be stored and transported in an upright position, resting vertically on cable flange edge. Cables should be wrapped using wooden drums with wood lagging strips. This will prevent cable damage during rolling on rough surfaces. Proper stacking of drums is also very essential.

Though both cable handling equipment and installation tools are essential, most businesses don’t invest large amount of money in buying this specialized equipment. Instead, these companies simply rent the required equipment from professional services. Now, let’s discuss about a few tips on how to buy or rent cable handling equipment for your needs.

Tips for Buying/Renting Cable Handling and Installation Tools:

  • Find a reliable supplier:

    You could save a lot of time and effort if you do little research on your own and find a reliable and reputable supplier of cable handling equipment and installation tools in your area. There are many suppliers who provide high quality equipment and tools. All you need to do is, look for a firm that has been in the business for several years and has evolved with time. This way, you can be sure that you’re purchasing or renting high quality equipment and tools at affordable rates.

  • Variety of products:
  • Depending on the nature of your project, the tools/equipment you require may vary. You can either visit the store or check their website to get an idea about different available equipment. Some of the popular cable handling equipment and installation tools include punch down tools, air winches, cable drum winches, cable pulling winches etc. You can also buy used tools if you’re looking to purchase winches and punch down tools at cheaper prices.

  • What are the services offered:
  • Apart from selling or renting equipment, many companies offer other services too? For instance, you can request companies to send their qualified staff to visit your project site. This will help you to find out which equipment or tool is ideal for your business needs.

    Many renowned companies also offer on-site testing and training facilities; they will check how tools or equipment operate and recommend if any changes needed. Moreover, you can also hire their trainer to guide your employees on how to operate different cable handling equipment and installation tools.

Different Types of Cable Installation Tools:

As cable installers and repairers fervently repair old lines and install new ones, the desire for efficient cable installation has increased rapidly. Punch down tools increase accuracy and results in fewer reworks. There are three types of punch down tools; manual, impact, and multi wire. When a conductor is punched down, force is needed to fix the conductor. This force is generated either manually or using an impact tool.

Basic impact tool has spring-loaded head, once the spring achieves threshold level compression, it is automatically released, and force is moved to the impact head which in turn seats the conductor. Most advanced multi-wire tools terminate all pairs with one shot, reducing manual effort.

In addition to the winches and punch down tools, there are many other cable handling equipment and installation tools such as cable stripper, professional scissors, etc. After cable installation, it must be tested properly using test tools.

All in all, selecting and using the right equipment and tools enhance the efficiency of overall job.

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