How Do Repair Shops Keep Their Inventory and Tools Organized?

How Do Repair Shops Keep Their Inventory and Tools Organized?
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    When your car is dented or your lawnmower blade needs sharpening, you may take it to a repair shop for service.

    A good service center will have all the tools necessary to do the job right the first time.


However, how do you these shops keep their tools and other materials organized?

A Computerized System Can Keep Track of Everything

These days, it is likely that a computer will keep track of where a given tool or piece of inventory is. When the tool or other item changes hands, it will be scanned, and the updated information will be logged in the system. The use of a computerized system makes it easier to know where small parts may be or where an item may be if it is lost or damaged during shipment to the repair shop.

Storage Bins for Organization

Storage bins may be useful when trying to keep spare parts or tools organized. You can use larger bins, like those available from Quantum Storage, for larger tools while using smaller bins for small wrenches, screwdrivers or similar equipment. Repair shop owners may label the bin with a marker to make it easier to see which item is in which bin. Alternatively, certain items may only go into bins of a given color to make it easier to spot which bin that they may be in.

Items Should Be Stocked Together

When tools or items for sale by the shop are first brought into the building, they may be sorted and stocked with other like tools or items. For instance, brake pads made for small cars may be stored with other brake pads made for small cars. Every so often, the stockroom may be cleaned and organized to ensure that items aren’t mixed together.

Chain of Custody

In some cases, it may be worthwhile to track the chain of custody as it relates to certain items used in a repair shop. This holds each person accountable for their actions while they are in possession of company property. If an item is lost or stolen, the owner of the company has a better idea of who may be responsible.

Repair shops aren’t going to be much help if they don’t have the tools to do the job. Whether a computer keeps track of inventory, storage containers are used to keep tools organized or chain of custody is tracked, it is important for any business to know what it has at all times.



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