Must-Have Equipment That All Cattle Farmers Need

Must-Have Equipment That All Cattle Farmers Need
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    Cattle farming is a world of its own, and many who are unfamiliar with it may not realize how demanding it can be.

    Thankfully, farming is a little easier than it once was due in part to many modern inventions.


As a cattle farmer, you might have a variety of livestock that require different resources. As such, you want to ensure you have all the tools you need to make farming easier.

Keep reading to discover examples of the must-have equipment that all cattle farmers need.

Quality Feeders

Having a quality feeder is essential to your farming operation for many reasons. A quality feeder will keep your feed from falling onto the ground too much, limiting the amount of costly feed that goes to waste.

Feeders also allow more cattle to access the food at one time. Moreover, as you look for quality feeders, remember that some can only accommodate grain or hay while others can store both.

Feed Storage

As you prepare your cattle for the autumn months, you must ensure that you have a proper storage method for your feed. The colder months also come with wetter weather conditions, which can affect your cattle’s health.

If you do not store your feed properly, it could develop mold and vermin that will harm your cattle or your farm as a whole. Even with proper feed storage, it is also a good rule of thumb to always double-check your feed to ensure it is free of harmful substances.

Perimeter Fencing

It is no secret that cattle love to graze pastures throughout the year until the good grass runs out. However, cattle are subject to the dangers of nature and predators when grazing. Moreover, cattle can easily overgraze the field, which can damage root systems and become a detriment to regrowth, requiring you to move them to another area.

That is why one of the essential must-have equipment that all cattle farmers need is perimeter fencing. Perimeter fencing will keep your cattle within the confines of your property, keep predators out, and allow you to install a rotational grazing system without confusion.

Comfortable Shelter

If you have been a long-time farmer, you know that not all cattle shelters are the same. Some manufacturers may sell cheap shelters to gain more sales, but these shelters rarely last long.

You want to purchase a shelter that is durable, comfortable, portable, and made to last. It may cost you more to have a quality, hand-made shelter product, but it will actually save you more in the long run.

Livestock Heaters

Cattle are warm-blooded creatures that can remain comfortably warm even during quite cold temperatures. However, cattle are still susceptible to harsh conditions, especially freezing temperatures that occur after icy rain.

Such conditions can make it hard for them to stay dry and warm. During these times, you will have to bring your cattle into a shelter. Keeping livestock heaters in these shelters allows them to warm up and dry off quicker. The sooner you get your cattle warm and dry, the better.

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