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Business Ethics: 3 Ways to Keep Your Company out of Legal Trouble

Business Ethics: 3 Ways to Keep Your Company out of Legal Trouble
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    Many business owners will face multiple legal issues over the life of their business.

    These issues may range from product liability and employment issues to contract disputes and more.


Legal issues such as these and others could potentially result in financially devastating legal expenses, fines and more. They can also cause public relations disasters and have other debilitating effects on your business. These are some of the ways that your business could stay on track ethically.

Create the Right Business Entity

If there is a concern about business partners or other entity-related factors, consulting with a business law attorney about the pros and cons of different entities is a smart idea.

A business attorney or firm like Boynton Waldron Doleac Woodman can assess your needs and goals, and he or she can help you to determine the best overall entity that will help you to achieve your goals while mitigating risks.

Implement the Use of an Employee Handbook

Some business risks relate to your employees in different ways, and these include harassment in the workplace, terminable offenses, maternity leave practices and more. Employees should be provided with a copy of your handbook when they are hired, and they should also receive any updated versions of it while employed with your company. More than that, they should sign a document stating that they have received a copy of the handbook and agree to abide by it. If an issue arises, both you and they could refer back to it.

Hire Human Resources Professionals

There are many aspects of human resources that you may not be familiar with and that could pose legal issues to you. For example, hiring practices could throw you in hot water if unfair or discriminatory practices are identified. Perhaps one of your managers is having attendance issues with an employee and needs help taking disciplinary action or even terminating the employee. These are only a few of the many ways that knowledgeable HR professionals can help you to avoid legal issues related to your employees.

Staying out of legal trouble is a primary goal for many business owners. While you can simply try to avoid legal issues through regular operations, you could also be more proactive. These are some of the proactive steps that your business can take to potentially thwart lawsuits and other related issues. Remember that you can also obtain professional legal services from a business lawyer for advice and guidance before taking any action, such as signing a contract or dealing with an employee issue.

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