3 Old Marketing Strategies That Are Dying Out & What to Do Instead

3 Old Marketing Strategies That Are Dying Out & What to Do Instead
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    If you are in charge of public relations for your company, then you may need to wake up to a new mindset.

  • Over 86 percent of viewers skip television ads. Others are cutting the cable cord altogether.
  • Over 44 percent of direct mail never gets open. In fact, the United States Postal System has even added a service allowing recipients to see what lies inside their mailboxes before they even open it.
  • Over 91 percent have opted out of a company email series that they had joined previously. Many people have created a junk email address specifically to get emails they never intend to read.

If you are searching for some new marketing suggestions, then consider these ideas.

Cause Marketing

Customers want to do business with companies who support causes they are interested in. In fact, over 90 percent of millennials say they will pay more for a product that is connected to a cause they feel is worthwhile.

Research, however, suggests that you need to choose an activity for cause marketing where your company’s employees can actively participate in doing. For example, show your customers that you are actually helping feed the hungry on social media. Hooking up with an already established non-profit is usually the way to go as they often have well-organized programs.

Earned Media

Efforts from within the company to promote your company without paying for an ad. It can take on several forms. For example, you may get local sources to run a story written by you on something of interest to the community. Related industry trade magazines may run stories allowing you to network with other professionals while quietly promoting yourself as a leader in your industry. Word-of-mouth reviews posted on social media is also earned media as long as someone posts it on their own page first.

Social Media Marketing

The average person in America spends 50 minutes each day interacting with social media. Post when your targeted audience is usually online. To learn more about this, mark your calendars to attend a marketing retreat, such as those from The Rainmaker Retreat. Set specific goals for what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind that many of these potential customers are surfing from a mobile device, so keep it friendly for them. Engage with them regularly by making sure that you read their comments.

While the days of direct mailings, television advertising and email marketing may come to an end, use these three ideas to reach your targeted audience. Be specific about what you want to accomplish and design your next campaign today.

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