Earning Trust: 3 Ways to Endear Your Business to Your Community

Earning Trust: 3 Ways to Endear Your Business to Your Community
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    Any business can offer a product or service to the surrounding community.

    A good, ethical operation understands that the product is only beginning of doing good business.


Repeat business is the key to survival, and you gain that by earning the trust of your customer base and community. Here are three ways to endear your business to your community.

Employ Locally When Available

Your business should be a reflection of the community you serve. Whenever possible, you should hire from among the local talent pool. Utilizing the people around your operation will lend it a unique appeal, allowing customers and employees to interact on an intimate level, based on a shared love of community. Your employees are the everyday face of your business. Use that to your advantage and make lasting connections.

Engage in Community Outreach

Giving back to the community you serve can both beneficial and fun! The options are endless. They can range from simple discounts on local products sold in your store, to sponsoring neighborhood events in the community.

You can also help raise awareness of medical ailments that affect community members and help find solutions and cures.

The goal of community outreach is to impact the lives of people on a personal level, to let them know that they are worth more to you than the money they spend on your business.

Operate Ethically

How you conduct your business when no one is looking (or when no one can see you) is just as important as any local hiring preference or community outreach program.

Treating employees respectfully, and respecting and protecting the personal information of both employees and customers can signal the difference between a business that earns trust and a business that squanders it.

Imagine the backlash you’d receive if customers in the community found out their sensitive credit card and medical information were mishandled, or if the people found out that you weren’t properly compensating your workers!

Be bold about doing the right thing, even when no one’s looking. Put reporting policies and checking processes in place to ensure your business is operating ethically. Additionally, use various databases to make sure your employees have good reputations even before working with you.

For example, healthcare facilities should use aggregate spend compliance databases to ensure the financial side of the business and staff are on the up and up.

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Concluding Remarks

Earning the trust of your community is vital to the survival of your operation. When your community trusts you, they will speak well of you and spend their hard earned money with you. If your community feels negatively about your business, your days may be numbered.

Remember that the product is only the beginning of a responsible, enduring relationship with your community. Following these three suggestions can help your business gain and maintain its status as a community staple for years to come.

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