Tips for Cutting Costs To Save Money on Your Farm

Tips for Cutting Costs To Save Money on Your Farm
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    Farming is often seen as a lifestyle choice.

    While farming does impact every aspect of one’s life more than almost any other career, one can’t forget that farming is primarily a business.


As such, it’s important to manage costs to achieve maximum profits. These are tips for cutting costs to save money on your farm.

Perform Preventative Maintenance on Equipment

When a farm’s tractor, combine, or baler becomes damaged or goes down, farmers lose money due to repairs and the loss of productivity. The best way to prevent equipment from going down is to perform preventative maintenance regularly.

Some maintenance tasks you should complete include:

  • Look for signs of rust and corrosion.
  • Examine rubber hoses and seals for cracks and replace as needed.
  • Check tire pressure and look out for cracks in the tires.
  • Change air and fuel filters.
  • Replace fluids.

Equipment can damage during the maintenance process if you aren’t careful. For instance, you may cause gear oil contamination while replacing fluids.

Be sure you review how to perform maintenance correctly before beginning tasks.

Consider Renting Equipment

One way to cut back on equipment costs is to rent equipment instead of buying it. At first, this can seem counterintuitive because you would have to make regular payments on rented farm equipment.

However, the monthly cost of rented equipment is usually less than the regular loan payments for purchased equipment.

Renting farm equipment has other benefits as well.

For instance, you can acquire newer equipment for a lower price and have access to it sooner.

Rethink Weed Control

Weeds can steal precious nutrients from your crop bed, impacting your overall yield. So, naturally improving pest control is a key way to cut down on farming costs.

However, chemical-based herbicides can be expensive, especially if you’re already investing in pesticides for bugs.

Weed control can be as simple as putting landscape fabric or mulch between rows of crops.

Some also recommend weeding your rows at night instead of the day. That way, you don’t expose seeds to sun and air as you turn over the soil, which could cause weeds to grow back more quickly.

Make Your Own Fertilizer

On the other end of the spectrum, fertilizer is also essential to increase crop yield but can become costly over time. However, you can easily reduce this cost by raising animals on your farm.

By mixing manure into compost, you can create an effective fertilizer for your crops without spending extra money.

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Farming is one part lifestyle and one part business. Finding ways to prevent needless spending should be part of any farm’s plan.

That way, they can continue being profitable to preserve their way of life.

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