Ways To Improve the Employee Retention Rate in Warehouses

Ways To Improve the Employee Retention Rate in Warehouses
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    High employee turnover rates are a problem that most warehouse managers know all too well. It's hard to get people to stick around for a long time at a warehouse.


The work is tough and not the most glamorous. Some warehouses have perfected the art of maintaining a high employee retention rate, though. Explore some of the effective ways to improve the employee retention rate in warehouses and discover which may work for your department.

Pay Competitive Wages

One of the driving factors in warehouse workers leaving to find work elsewhere is the lack of a competitive wage. Hard work deserves livable pay, and your workers know it. When it comes down to it, they will go with the company that pays them the best for their efforts.

Do a little research on the average wage for workers in similar positions to those you are hiring for, and try to offer a bit more than the competition.

Whether this means better benefits, more paid time off, or even just a slightly higher hourly wage, your workers will be sure to notice and feel more motivated to stick around.

Make Workers Feel Appreciated

When workers feel underappreciated, they tend to look elsewhere for work, correctly figuring that, if they can receive higher pay elsewhere for no appreciation, they may as well—or that, if they can feel appreciated for the same pay elsewhere, why not leave?

Making your workers aware of how much you and the company appreciate their hard work is essential to improving employee retention rates.

Some warehouses have found success in introducing employee recognition programs where they highlight the outstanding work of different employees regularly. Others find that an incentive program or more frequent employee appreciation surprises boost morale. Workers who feel cared about will care about their work more.

Offer Additional Training

Keep the dialogue open with your workers about their short- and long-term goals. Knowing these can help you identify who can quickly rise in ranks and who is happy where they are.

Make it known that you are more than willing to help them achieve their professional goals by offering extra training. Allowing your workers to train in other areas provides them with ways to foster professional growth and provides you with well-rounded workers who are willing to learn and adapt.

Invest in Ways To Make Their Work Lives Easier

It’s no secret that warehouse work is often a very physically demanding job. The risk of short- and longer-term injuries due to overworking or lifting excessively heavy objects keeps a lot of workers from committing to a more long-term position with your warehouse.

other valuable tips:

Invest in methods to alleviate the physical stress, such as enabling workers to earn forklift certifications so that machines can move things more safely, rather than having people do it. Another example is the risk of hand-wrapping pallets for shipment, which often causes long-term back injuries. Consider switching to automation for the most physically dangerous tasks.

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