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Characteristics of a Good Warehouse Manager

Characteristics of a Good Warehouse Manager
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    For a warehouse to function properly on a daily basis, it needs to have a good warehouse manager at the helm.

    The manager must be someone who workers can turn to whenever trouble arises, creating a sense of organization and leadership across the facility.


To make sure you have the characteristics of a good warehouse manager, consider whether or not you’re utilizing the tips listed below. These helpful tips will guide you on the right path to be the best warehouse manager you can be.

Become an Expert in the Equipment Your Warehouse Uses

The first thing you have to consider is the technology you’ll oversee daily. Even if you’re simply overseeing operations as opposed to being hands-on with the equipment, you still need to know how the equipment works.

Good warehouse managers need to be someone that workers can turn to for help and advice whenever they need it, not some looming threat they feel the need to hide issues from.

To be an effective leader, you have to be a good problem solver. To be a good problem solver in a warehouse, you need to be the person most familiar with each and every piece of equipment in that facility.

You should know more about the equipment than all of the well-trained employees working with them on a daily basis.

Know the Safety Standards Your Warehouse Has to Meet

It’s one thing to promote safety precautions in a warehouse, but it’s another thing to know and enforce required safety standards.

For example, it’s wonderful if you’re training employees thoroughly, but if you don’t have forklift markings labeled on the ground, you’re violating multiple OSHA regulations.

As a warehouse manager, you need to study and implement every safety guideline required by OSHA. With this knowledge, you can make your warehouse a safer place to work. While equipment and safety knowledge seem like powerful enough keys to success, there’s one more thing you’ll have to work on to be a good manager—your attitude. 

Solve Problems with a Supportive Attitude

If a problem arises in a warehouse and you need to be contacted for assistance, make sure to stay calm and focused. If you immediately freak out at the sign of any issues, you won’t do yourself or your business any favors.

other valuable tips:

If your team members are worried, you need to come in with a calm attitude and one desire—to safely and thoroughly eradicate the problem. Running into any problems can understandably be stressful, but a good warehouse manager needs to have the coolest attitude and the sharpest brain in the room.

By practicing all of the characteristics of a good warehouse manager, you’ll truly become fit for the position. As mentioned in step two, it’s great to promote safety and positive thinking; however, if you’re not following proven and required guidelines, then you’re on a path to failure. The keys to success have to be earned and you can do just that by practicing the tips listed above.

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