4 Strategies for Keeping Your Small Business Organized

4 Strategies for Keeping Your Small Business Organized
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    For the owners of small businesses, trying to keep track of every minor detail—the documents, your office space, and more—can seem like a chore.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, these helpful strategies for keeping your small business organized can help.

Keep the Office Neat and Tidy

It’s easier to stay focused in a clean and well-organized environment. Tidying up the physical workspace can make managing other aspects of your business simpler or, at the very least, help clear your mind.

Designating specific areas for items like books, documents, and office supplies is a good start. Get a filing cabinet for any papers, shelves for manuals and other reading materials, and ample drawer space for your pens and pencils.

Keep plenty of recycling and trash bins around the office, and encourage your employees to tidy up by assigning short, fifteen-minute cleaning sessions. Supply them with brooms, vacuums, and other cleaning supplies like sprays and wipes.

The desks are important, too. If your employees are adamant about having cluttered, disorganized workspaces, there are ways you can motivate them to keep a clear desk.

Manage Your Documents and Passwords Effectively

Managing your documents and passwords is important for both the organization and the security of your business.

Try to go paperless wherever possible. Converting your documents into a digital format makes organizing them a breeze.

Cloud sharing services allow multiple employees to easily and efficiently access the same documents. Organize digital folders by type, size, or importance.

You can store passwords online, too. Browsers like Google Chrome have built-in password systems—but if you’re looking for something more secure, there are other programs available for use.

If you can’t go paperless, physical folders and filing cabinets go a long way.

Streamline Customer Service

Customers are the heart of any business. If your customer service is slow, clunky, and unreliable, then your customers may start to look elsewhere.

Automated programs that manage your customer tickets are a huge help—but if you can, avoid automating the entire customer service process. Having employees speak with your consumers face to face will increase their trust and loyalty in your brand. It also ensures that issues get solved instead of being improperly handled or tossed away by an incompetent robot.

other valuable tips:

Organize Your Computers

Old, disorganized, and virus-filled computers aren’t exactly ideal. Regularly updating, scanning, and cleaning them is another good strategy for keeping your small business organized.

Start by updating your computers’ software and drivers, as well as any programs your employees use on a day-to-day basis.
Scan for virus and performance issues frequently. If those scans detect any significant problems, fix them immediately. You wouldn’t want to compromise your expensive equipment or any important, confidential documents stored on them.

Make sure your data backup is up-to-date, too.

Finally, take a good, hard look at your employees’ desktops. Are they clean or cluttered with files? When files start to overlap, and you can barely see the background beneath them, it’s time to tidy up. Ask your employees to keep their documents in labeled folders and delete any files that they no longer need.

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