Common Construction Hazards To Be Aware Of

Common Construction Hazards To Be Aware Of
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    Whether you're a seasoned construction professional or you're a first time DIYer, safety should be one of your top concerns when you're doing construction work.

    There are plenty of things that can go wrong in an active construction site.


No matter what your experience level, reminders about what you should be looking out for when on the job are important. We’re going to go through some common construction hazards to be aware of so you can be fully prepared for walking onto your job site.

Moving Objects

Whenever you’re in an active worksite, you need to be far more spatially aware than you normally are. A construction zone will often have plenty of moving objects that can harm you if you’re not paying attention. Though this may seem like an obvious hazard, it’s critical to start with the basics first, or else you may overlook them completely.


Many construction projects require you to work at heights that are unsafe. Falling is one of the top causes of injuries and death in construction.

Whenever you need to work at a great height, check and double-check that all your safety measures are working properly.

Remember the six-foot rule—if you’re elevated six feet above a surface, you need to have some sort of fall prevention system in place.

Hazardous Materials

This is a broad topic that covers everything from asbestos to concrete grinding dust, fires, and toxic vapors. Whenever you are dealing with or suspect you will be dealing with a hazardous material, you must always wear the proper protective equipment.

Respirators are an essential tool in many construction projects. Don’t forget that quality training on how to handle these materials is also crucial to ensure no one is unnecessarily harmed.

Electrical Hazards

Live wires and conduits are common construction hazards you need to be aware of. Injuries caused by electrical mishaps are no joke, and they are only made worse if the person sustaining the injury is on a ladder or raised platform, as this can cause a serious fall.

You should always treat electrical components should as if they are live and should only be approached by a trained electrician. Too many accidents are caused by unqualified workers attempting to wire a project.

other valuable tips:


Collapses are unfortunately common occurrences on construction sites, but you can reduce their effects with proper training and awareness. This category includes collapsing trenches as well as demolition work that brings down heavy materials. Always ensure your trenches are fully secure and make sure any demolition zone is completely clear of people before beginning.


Yes, construction zones are very loud, and no, this shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential hazard to worker health. Heavy machinery work can create sounds that are harmful to the health of humans. Therefore, ear protection should be worn by anyone who will be near these places for extended periods of time.

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