Materials Often Used for Making Commercial Doors

Materials Often Used for Making Commercial Doors
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    Whether you are building a new business or renovating the existing one, the door of your premises may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it is important.


Whether it is a store, school, office or warehouse, commercial doors need to be sturdier and stronger than residential doors, as they must withstand a higher level of traffic on a regular basis. They also need to look good, as an aesthetically appealing commercial door can make a good first impression on your visitors. Let’s review some of the popular types of materials used for making such doors.

Aluminum Doors

These doors are often made of a combination of aluminum and glass. They are often installed on the entry point of commercial buildings.

Aluminum is clean and sleek to look at and allows more sunlight to enter the premise. These doors are easy to maintain as well, as they do not need any staining or painting like timber or metal.

The doors have sleek aluminum frames with glass panes fixed inside. Since, aluminum frames are sleek and strong, they can have bigger size glass panes in the middle, thus allowing more natural light to enter inside, and giving a wider view of the inside and outside.

Timber Doors

These commercial doors are of thin timber veneer sheets wrapped over a core made up of a solid composite material. The core can be made up of solid lumber, particle board, or a pressed mineral product like vermiculite or perlite. These doors are often installed in the interiors only, as they may not be able to withstand excessive moisture and weather effects. Wood looks good, but it is not as long-lasting as other options.

Steel Doors

These doors are made of steel wrapped over a core of foam insulation, resinous honeycomb or steel stiffener. Most commercial doors installed on the exteriors are made up of this material. They are cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, and offer a great level of security in the premises. Sometimes, these doors are also installed in the interiors for heavy-duty applications such as commercial purposes.

Glass Doors

If you want your doors to allow light to enter and to make your commercial premises more spacious and open, then full glass doors may be the ideal choice. Since glass is brittle and delicate, these doors are made up of high-quality safety glass so that they do not break down just with a little jerk.

They shatter instead of cracking, so that people do not get injured during a break down. These commercial doors can have a frame or not and may be hung on pivots. Most often, such doors do not come with a fire rating.

Fiberglass Doors

Doors made of fiberglass are extremely durable to be installed in commercial buildings. They are longer-lasting than wood and steel doors, and they require almost no maintenance. Many commercial buildings use these doors to reduce their maintenance, repair and replacement costs over long-term. However, these commercial doors are costlier than those made up of other materials.

other valuable tips:

Now you have the idea about different kinds of materials used for making commercial doors, and you need to choose the one that is durable, strong and resistant. It should be easy to clean and maintain and should match well with the rest of your commercial building too. It should look good to entice your visitors and should come within your budget as well. While choosing your door, make sure that it meets all these requirements, along with your individual requirements and preferences.

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