Commonly Overlooked Startup Branding Opportunities

Commonly Overlooked Startup Branding Opportunities
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    Running a startup can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time running a company in general.

    Marketing, finances, and customer satisfaction are only a handful of aspects of the business that you’ll need to worry about.


For those looking for some pointers on how to run a business better, here are some commonly overlooked startup branding opportunities that you should focus on.

Brand Awareness

Most new company owners think that brand awareness is something you build over time. While that is true, it doesn’t mean you can’t start building it before your business begins.

One of the easiest ways to build awareness is to get people talking about it. Wear merch with your company’s logo on it. Build a social media campaign. Even try to catch a spotlight on the evening news. Every little bit helps.

If you have a high amount of startup capital, you can fund some low-level advertising. That doesn’t mean that you should spend money you don’t have on TV commercials.

What you should do is look into Google Ads and local sign advertising. Putting your logo and company name on your personal vehicle is also an easy way to get your name out there for a low asking price.

Build Trust

The main reason why people buy from name-brand companies is that they know that they can trust them to deliver good-quality products and services. Now, we know that competing with them isn’t a viable option.

What we’re trying to show you, though, is how important gaining trust can be for your startup. Trust can help build awareness as well, but we didn’t include it in the previous point because it can be harder to obtain and has more benefits than awareness alone.

Customers that trust you are more likely to come back and even bring friends who haven’t heard of you before. To make this scenario a more common occurrence, give customers incentives to return or invite others.

Ask them if they’re willing to provide a testimonial that you can use on their website. If you want to build your company’s trust factor quickly, make customer care the primary goal of your startup.

Be Unique

Unless you came up with a completely original idea, the chances are that you’ll have some competitors in your area who are already well established. This is why our last commonly overlooked startup branding opportunity is finding a way to stand out from them.

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If your startup is online, focus on making a unique website or creating a custom phone number that people will remember easily. If your startup is in a brick-and-mortar location, there are even more options available to you.

Find the right aesthetic for the interior of your building. Make your brand’s sign visible and attractive on the exterior. Make sure your company is at local events representing itself and bringing in new customers.

Should you see any flaws in your competitors’ strategies, make sure you capitalize on them. Your startup needs to be distinct to draw in new people.

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