How To Keep Your Two-Way Radios Charged Longer

How To Keep Your Two-Way Radios Charged Longer
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    Two-way radios are an essential communication tool for many businesses—whether you own a grocery store or run a warehouse.

    It’s important for every member on the team to have instant communication with anyone else whenever they need it; however, the radio’s battery may have other ideas.


If you’re running into issues with your two-way radios not keeping a charge as long as they should be, teach yourself and your employees how to keep your two-way radios charged longer for more efficient communication.

Don’t Leave Two-Way Radios on the Charger Indefinitely

Much like it is with your personal cellphone, leaving a two-way radio on the charger for storage is unhealthy for the battery. Continuous charge leads to the battery losing total maximum capacity, which causes it to die faster when in use.

Eventually, it can degrade the battery to an unusable, damaged state and you’ll need to replace the battery entirely. Clearly communicate to your entire team that when a radio is done charging, they should take it off the charger—especially if they’re leaving for the night.

Perform Maintenance on Your Two-Way Radios and Their Batteries

A malfunctioning two-way radio can lead to less time in use, whether it’s due to a problem with the radio or the battery. Make routine maintenance on your business’s two-way radios a regular occurrence—not only will it be a good opportunity to gauge the overall health of your radios, but it will also allow you to take inventory of all your radios to make sure they’re all there.

Two-way radio batteries require regular maintenance to stay healthy. Condition the batteries, clean the batteries, and replace the batteries after 18 months.

If you find a problem with a radio and you’re not sure if it’s due to the two-way radio or the battery, check by placing a new, functional battery in the device. Send your devices to a repair service whenever necessary to keep your business’s communication running smoothly.

Limit Radio Usage To Necessary Communication Only

When your employees have a habit of goofing around on the two-way radios, it doesn’t just leave a problem for you, it leaves a problem for the employees who work after them and need to use their radios.

If there’s no time to charge the radios between shifts, it can leave the employees with a low-charge battery when every other device is still charging. Regulate stricter two-way radio rules in your business to improve professionalism and battery life.

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Use the Entire Battery Before Charging

Knowing how to keep your two-way radios charged longer involves effective use of your batteries—it’s not about putting the batteries on the charger whenever an employee is finished with the radio.

If you want your radio batteries to keep their high capacity for as long as possible, having employees only put them on the charger once they’re fully depleted will keep them healthy for as long as possible. Educate your team about the importance of two-way radio battery management during training to keep everyone’s communication healthy and strong while on the job.

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