How To Integrate Your Brick-and-Mortar and Online Store

How To Integrate Your Brick-and-Mortar and Online Store
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    Despite the sharp rise in online sales in the last year, in-person shopping is far from dead.

    While malls are faltering, customers want the best of both worlds: online convenience and a hands-on experience.


If you can learn how to integrate your brick-and-mortar and online store, customers will keep coming back to both.

In-Store Pickups

Make it easy for people to get what they want, how and when they want it. Stock a complete inventory at your shop. By giving customers the option to pick up, you can counter many of the obstacles keeping them from finalizing a purchase.

In a perfect world, they can see your products online and pick them up in person. If your selection is limited, they can reserve their order ahead of time. There are plenty of legitimate reasons they’d prefer this:

  • They can’t wait for their order to be delivered:

    When do they want it? Probably tomorrow, if not sooner. So put the ball in their court and let them come to you.

  • They want to examine the product up close:

    Hey, that’s fair. The next time you go shopping, see if you can keep your hands off the merchandise. Sometimes, the best way to judge quality is by touch.

  • They want to save the shipping fees:

    Don’t they know that the gas they expend traveling to your store could be even more expensive? Shh. It makes them feel better.

In-Store Returns

It can be risky to make returns too tempting for customers. But when they come into a store, you have a greater chance of converting that return into an exchange. When they get to know the humans behind the storefront, they can better explain what they’re looking for and you can better fulfill their needs.

More Payment Options

Whatever your in-store point-of-sale system looks like, make sure it integrates seamlessly with online purchasing. It will save you trouble if they want to return or exchange their item. Accepting a variety of credit cards and PayPal online makes it easy for them to push a button and complete a transaction.

New forms of payment plans, such as AfterPay, offer even more flexibility. E-commerce platforms like Shopify do a lot of the work for you. Use their POS system, and the software translates straight to your tablet.

That Personal Touch

If shopping on the internet has a drawback, it’s that it’s impersonal. The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we buy, but there’s no software to satisfyingly mimic human interaction.

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A live chat feature on your e-commerce site can answer many basic questions, but you need a strong customer service staff that’s readily available for unique queries.

The key to integrating your brick-and-mortar and online store is to take advantage of the best features of each. Bring the convenience of online into your physical location and the human interaction of brick-and-mortar to your e-commerce site.

Be accessible. Change the question from “Should I buy this?” to “Why shouldn’t I buy this?”

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